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Spring Yard Maintenance Tips - Cleaning Up Outside

Spring yard maintenance sets the tone for the whole year. Cut corners in spring, and you'll pay for it the rest of the year. For example, you could smother cherished perennials by failing to remove the mulch you piled around them for winter protection. And crabgrass needs to be nipped in the bud, in spring.

Frequently Asked Questions About Spring Yard Maintenance
These tips for spring yard maintenance will help you get the landscape off on the right foot. Included in these spring yard maintenance tips are answers to frequently asked questions on mulching and when it is safe to put your plants in the ground. Fertilizing, pruning and preventive yard maintenance are also discussed.

Spring Lawn Care
Part of spring yard maintenance entails caring for your lawn and readying your mower for the long mowing season ahead. While you shouldn't neglect these chores, you can take solace in the fact that spring yard maintenance doesn't require nearly as much time as mowing does during the summer.

Laying Sod to Start New Lawns
Is it time for a new lawn? Is it embarrassing to refer to the current patch of weeds you have as your "lawn?" Laying sod is a great alternative to sowing seed for those who want an "instant lawn." But beginners may wonder where to begin in laying sod. Learn about correct watering and how to prepare the soil.

Installing New Lawns by Seeding Grass
Sodding is one way to grow a new lawn, while seeding is another. The advantage of sowing grass seed is that it's less expensive. As with sodding, early spring is an excellent time for seeding lawns. Learn all the steps involved by consulting this article.

Overseeding Lawns With Cool-Season Grasses
How's your lawn looking these days? A little rough? Are there some gaping bare patches you'd like to fill? "Overseeding" might be the way to go if your lawn is basically healthy but needs a little boost. What preparations are required to begin an overseeding project? You can learn about them in this article on overseeding for cool-season lawns.

Spring Yard Maintenance Tips to Set Village Idiots Straight
Ready for spring yard maintenance? Don't be a village idiot! This serious article written in a humorous vein discusses shortcuts and tips to landscaping novices. Rototillers, pruning, mulching, forcing, poison ivy eradication and keeping dogs off lawns are some of the topics.

Spring Cleanup for Lawns and Landscaping
Spring cleaning is not reserved for the house. There's a lot of clean-up to perform in the yard, too, after a long winter of limbs falling on ground, rubbish blowing onto your property, etc. Correctly carried out, spring cleaning will prepare your yard for a summer's worth of gardening and fun activities.

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