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Swimming Pool Landscaping

Swimming pool landscaping requirements share certain goals with other areas of your landscape design, but there's an important difference in emphasis. As with other areas of the yard, you want a "poolscape" to be safe, private and low-maintenance. But the significance of each of these goals is accentuated by the poolscape's unique nature.

Landscaping Around Swimming Pools
Swimming pool landscaping is a challenge, because so many factors come into play. Swimming pool landscaping should provide beauty, yes. But more practical considerations start with safety and convenience. To screen out prying eyes, you'll also want your poolscape to offer privacy.

Pool Decks, Decking Around Spas
What choices do you have in materials for building pool decks? Well, that depends on the swimming pool. Do you have an above-ground pool? Then, typically, your building material for a deck will be wood. For in-ground structures you have more options: pavers, concrete and stone.

Swimming Pool Safety
Swimming pools can provide hours of backyard fun but can also be dangerous. Lisa Hallett Taylor, About's Guide to Pool and Patio, illustrates the "7 layers of protection" to employ to ward off disaster in this pictorial tutorial. Remember, the watchword for swimming pool landscaping is "safety."

Backyard Swimming Pool Project, Step by Step
Lisa Hallett Taylor invites you to follow along with her as she presents the various steps involved in constructing a new swimming pool. About's Pool and Patio Guide takes you from excavating the pit to the glorious end result.

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