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Landscaping Supplies: Lawn Care Equipment

Are you in the process of buying landscaping supplies for your yard? Or perhaps you're buying gifts for loved ones in need of lawn care equipment? These landscaping supply choices are linked to further info for each product. There's information on lawn mowers, string trimmers, leaf blowers and other lawn care equipment.

Battery-Powered Mower Review
Lawn mowers that run on batteries are considered "green" -- you probably knew that much. But did you know that they can also be super easy to use? The Stihl mower I review here won't be for everybody, but read my review to see if it could work for you. You might find that it's truly a godsend.

Tips on Selecting Lawn Mowers
With the array of choices out there today, you'd better do your homework when choosing a mower, beginning with this FAQ. Buying the best mower for you involves assessing your situation completely. Factors to consider in buying this landscaping supply: size of lot, environment and your willingness to perform both lawn care and lawn mower care.

Lawn Mower Reviews
There's a lot to consider before buying a lawn mower. Do you want the greenest product? Do you like electric but prefer to go cordless? Maybe you'd like to try an entirely different fuel: propane. Or maybe your biggest concern is mowing over rough terrain. These mower reviews may help you make up your mind.

Lawn Mower Care FAQ
There's one landscaping supply almost every homeowner owns in most parts of the U.S.: a lawn mower. But unless you're mechanically-inclined, you may not have a clue as to how to care for this indispensable piece of equipment. This FAQ was written for you.

Lawn Mower Tune-Up
Want to impress your friends with your mechanical acumen in caring for landscaping supplies? After reading this piece, you'll be able to tune up your mower yourself. Learn about changing mower oil, spark plug and air filter like a pro.

Weed Eater Cordless String Trimmer Review
Since this Weed Eater string trimmer is cordless, I devote considerable attention in my review to battery-related matters. Although the product passes my test, overall, I also have a couple of criticisms regarding its assembly.

Fertilizer Spreaders -- Review
What kind of fertilizer spreader would you prefer to use? One type is the broadcast spreader. Then there are drop spreaders. Learn the difference between them here in my review of the Scotts AccuGreen drop spreader.

Review: Grass Hog String Trimmers
This review of the Grass Hog (put out by Black & Decker) is as much about the electric vs. gas debate as it is about the specific string trimmer reviewed. By having this discussion, I hope to help you decide between gas-powered trimmers and electric ones -- and, in the latter category, between corded and cordless.

Lehr Eco-Friendly String Trimmers
The Lehr Eco trimmer has a lot going for it. Being powered by propane, it is touted as an alternative to gas-powered string trimmers for the environmentally-conscious. But in terms of usability, unless you have a huge yard, I still recommend battery-powered electric string trimmers. See why here.

Review: Cordless Mulching Mowers
Mulching lawn mowers can be great time-savers. They save you not only from disposing of grass clippings but also from fall leaf removal. Find out the pros and cons of a cordless (battery-powered) model, in contrast to corded electric and gas-powered models.

Propane Lawn Mower Review: Lehr Eco Mower
Here's another Lehr product and, yes, another propane-powered product (try to say that fast three times!). The pitch Lehr makes is that propane is an e-friendly alternative. I'll let you decide if it is; my review focuses on ease of use.

Cordless Electric Mower
Remington pushed its 60-volt-battery mower as a pioneer, capable of running for an hour after charged. Read my review to learn my estimation of the product. Since my review, I've heard battery replacement can be an issue, but since mine is still going strong 3 years later, I can't speak to that issue, personally.

Review: Reel Lawn Mowers
Do not think of reel lawn mowers as an old-fashioned landscaping supply. On the contrary, they're gaining in popularity among those seeking green alternatives to mechanical mowers. But the environment is not the only reason for making the switch.

Lawn Mower Reviews From Other Readers
Are you curious as to what other readers think of the mowers they've bought? Browsing these reviews submitted by readers is a great way to get another perspective before you buy. Or perhaps you have a burning desire to heap praise (or scorn) on a mower you, yourself have owned? Check out this resource either way.

More Readers' Choices: Edging Materials
Not all landscaping supplies are mechanized, of course. But even shopping for the non-mechanical landscaping supplies is not always easy. Take edging. Different materials are used in edging. What material is best? See what other readers have to say (and/or voice your own opinion).

Landscape Sprinkler Irrigation Design Tutorial
Jess Stryker's irrigation tutorial gives you a frugal alternative to hiring out for irrigation-system installation. Design your own sprinkler system: you'll not only save money, but also understand every inch of the system, once it's in place. If you educate yourself with these easy-to-follow instructions, no one will be able to claim that you're "all wet" when it comes to irrigation systems.

Irrigation Products
The Industrial Plastic Products website supplies useful information about irrigation products. Learn about their new sprinkler and drip irrigation systems. This company also sells PVC pipes and fittings.

Ground Topper: Irrigation Valve Box Cover
"The 'Ground Topper' is a universal 6” valve box cover," according to its website, "that is placed on top of valve boxes for irrigation systems, septic systems, pools, and homeowner water valve cutoffs to cover the opening in the ground."

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