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Magnolia Tree Problems

Dead Branches, Leaves Turned Brown and More


Q.-- My Tree Now Has Dead Branches on It, After a Harsh Winter. How Much Should I Prune Off?

The presence of dead branches is a problem that can usher homeowners into a state of panic. But don't lose hope. Remain calm and apply a little scrutiny, following the steps I provide in this answer.

Q.-- The Leaves on My Magnolia Trees Have Turned Brown. Are My Specimens Dead?

The appearance of brown leaves out of season is always a troubling sight. Read the FAQ linked to above to learn why context is everything in addressing this problem.

Q.-- Would Dropping Coffee Grounds Around My Magnolia Tree Solve a Problem or Create One?

Well, that depends. Don't fall into the solution-in-search-of-a-problem syndrome. Coffee grounds could help solve a certain problem, but first find out if you even have it! That problem is the subject of this FAQ.

There are, of course, many other types of specimens renowned for their blossoms that are available for residential landscaping. You can read about a number of the most popular ones here:

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