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What's the Best Time for Pruning Magnolia Trees?


Question: What's the Best Time for Pruning Magnolia Trees?
I have a lovely magnolia tree that I planted about 8 years ago. Sometimes it blooms twice a year. It’s getting very wide and tall now. I’d like to know when to prune it. Or maybe I should ask if and how I can trim it back into a more compact size. People have said that magnolia trees shouldn’t be pruned back; is this true?

Pruning really is not widely considered a must (or even desirable) for this plant. For one thing, magnolia trees don’t heal as well as most from pruning cuts and, for another, you generally spoil a magnolia’s looks by pruning it. But if you still decide to prune, do so after flowering, so you can at least enjoy that year’s blooms.

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