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How Do I Straighten a Leaning Tree?


Question: How Do I Straighten a Leaning Tree?
"I planted a tree about 6 years ago. I planted it when it was just a small twig; now it stands at about 6 ft. It is doing very well except it leans to where I have to brace the tree up so the wind does not blow it down. Will the tree ever straighten up so I don't have to brace it?"

Here are a couple of matters one should think about when it comes to straightening leaning trees:

1. When you brace it, are you using an accepted method of staking? Here’s a link to a video on staking:

How to Stake a Tree

A related question is, Are you giving your uncooperative tree enough of a “brace period” before removing the support? I can’t give an exact number of months / years, but I know some folks are too impatient in staking trees.

2. Consider the ground under your tree. Is it stable ground, soil that tree roots can get a toehold in? If not, consider transplanting your tree to another location.

Here's another tip. Thread your staking cord through a short length of old rubber hose, in such a way that the hose will be what comes into contact with the tree's trunk, not the cord. Since the rubber is softer, there will be less friction -- and thus less chance that the tree bark will be damaged.

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