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Hiring Tree Removal Services: Is the Cost Justified?

I like to cut costs in my life as much as the next guy (maybe even more so). But sometimes, paying for something up-front saves you money in the long term. For example, having tree limbs removed before they can damage your home is money well-spent. Then there's the question of whether you should do such a job yourself or hire a tree removal service to do it. Considering the danger and difficulty of such work, again, you may conclude that hiring tree removal services is a justifiable cost.

Hiring Tree Removal Services, Arborists
Before hiring tree removal services or arborists, define precisely what you hope to accomplish and determine what skills (yours or somebody else's) are needed for the task. I help you make such decisions in this article, which I start by breaking down the typical consumer's needs into four broad categories: grunt work, dangerous jobs, tree pruning and tree care.

Hiring Someone to Have a Tree Limbed
Sometimes, you do not need a whole tree removed, just some branches. This job can, however, still be daunting for the DIYer, so I would urge you seriously to consider hiring a tree removal service to do the "limbing" work for you. The costs could be well worth it. In this article, I tell you how to go about it.

Electric Chain Saw Review
But what if you have a strong independent streak in you and decide on DIY tree removal or limbing? In that case, you'd better have equipment that you are comfortable working with. You'll have to decide on a chain saw. Here's a place to start: my review of an electric chain saw. You may conclude that electric power is the way to go, rather than a gas-powered model.

Cordless Chainsaw: Oregon PowerNow Battery-Powered Saw
Or maybe you DIYers don't want to be dragging a cord around when you're cutting trees down? In this review of Oregon's PowerNow saw, I explain the pros and cons of the tool from a homeowner's perspective. It is a battery-powered chainsaw, so I discuss issues such as how long the battery holds its charge. This tool could be a pleasant surprise, as long as you understand its limitations.

Tree Stump Removal Without Using Stump Grinders
Here's another article that focuses on doing a job yourself. In this case, it's the job of tree stump removal. Hiring out for a stump grinder would sure make things easier, but let's assume you're trying to cut down on landscaping costs and decide to remove the stump yourself. How do you proceed? Read this article for a game plan.

Troy-Bilt Wood Chipper Review
Here's another review to help you DIYers along. If you've chopped a tree down, you'll be stuck with a huge pile of branches afterward. What do you do with them all? One option is to run them through a wood chipper (which can either be rented or bought). The nice thing about this option is it leaves you with something you can use in the yard (after composting): mulch.

Temporary Tree Removal: How to Transplant Trees
Some tree removal is temporary, consisting of a move from point A to point B. Transplanting small trees is certainly doable for DIYers, although it can be back-breaking work. The hard part is removing the tree where it currently stands without damaging the roots.

Before You Sign: Read a Sample Tree Removal Service Contract
OK, you've decided that the cost of hiring a tree removal service to tackle a job for you is worth it. And you've read the two articles above to learn how to go about hiring someone. What's next? One of the most important steps in the whole process is understanding the contract between you and the service. Get this part of the process wrong, and it could cost you dearly.

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