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Trees for Attracting Birds and Butterflies

Attracting butterflies, hummingbirds and other wild birds often goes hand-in-hand with landscaping, as plant-lovers usually appreciate wildlife, too. Plant trees useful for attracting birds, and enjoy the color and song they bring to your yard. Attracting butterflies is a 2-for-1 proposition, as the trees will be attractive to you, too.

Trees for Attracting Baltimore Orioles: Elm Trees
This one is a no-brainer if you wish to draw Baltimore orioles to your yard. And if you do not wish to draw these beautiful birds to your landscape, I must ask you, Why not? But assuming you crave seeing their bold orange plumage as much as I do, you'd give the right side of your yard if you could only have an elm, which orioles loves to nest in.

Attract Birds With Spring-Flowering Trees, Shrubs
The following trees and shrubs have something in common: dogwood, crabapple, quince, saucer magnolia, forsythia, redbud, spirea, weigela pussy willows, callery pear. These plants make the list of the "Top 10 for Spring" I put together in this article. Besides their beauty, some of them draw birds to the landscape.

Butterfly Garden: Attracting Butterflies With Trees, Flowers
When people grow plants specifically for attracting birds, one of their prime targets is hummingbirds. But there's another delicate winged wonder that people sometimes gear their landscaping to: butterflies. Often, you can draw both with the same plant, but there are some distinct factors to take into account when you're specifically after butterflies.

Pussy Willows - Wild Bird Magnets
Pussy willows will draw wild birds -- but no more than they'll draw me! I love them and always make it a point to scout around for them in late winter. In the wild they're most common in swampy areas but you can grow them in the landscape if you furnish them with sufficient water.

Fall Trees and Shrubs to Attract Wild Birds
Another "Top 10" list, but this one for fall. I describe arrowwood viburnum, sumac, fothergilla, spirea, blackhaw viburnum, American bittersweet, oakleaf hydrangea, Virginia creeper, red chokeberry and Viking black chokeberry. Again, there are some good examples in this article of trees and shrubs that draw birds to the landscape.

Attracting Eastern Bluebirds, Robins With Sumac Trees
Sumac berries are not the first choice for wild birds when they're shopping for food. But you know what? When they get desperate in late winter, the berries in those fuzzy red cones start looking pretty good! Bluebirds and robins are glad to eat sumac berries after other sources of winter sustenance have vanished.

Trees and Shrubs for Winter Interest, Birdwatching
One more "Top 10" list, this time for winter. It consists of evergreen holly, red twig dogwood, plume grass, bayberry, cranberrybush viburnum, deciduous holly, birch, yew, hemlock, Viking black chokeberry. You'll see a bit of overlap in these lists. Those are the plants to zero in on if you wish to attract two birds with one stone.

Berries for Attracting Wild Birds - Holly Trees
Holly and Christmas: they go together, right? "Deck the halls with boughs of holly" and all that. But holly trees and shrubs are also useful in your landscaping -- including as plants for attracting birds. So grow holly as a Christmas present to the wild birds -- and to the birdwatchers in your family.

Golden Shadows Pagoda Dogwood
Its parents are an understory tree in the forest, so plant Golden Shadows in dappled shade. Its green and golden foliage will light up a shade garden.

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