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Flowering Ornamental Trees and Evergreens - Best Choices

"Ornamentals" is a subjective word in landscaping, as people's tastes differ; plus even fruiting specimens (which I introduce briefly here) can be very pretty. But my focus here is on non-edibles. Learn about the best flowering ornamental trees, as well as evergreens. My articles highlight some of the best choices, including berry-producers that draw wild birds, weeping specimens, dwarfs, and shade trees.
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Dogwoods Offer Winter, Spring and Fall Color
Newcomers to landscaping may think "trees" when they hear talk of dogwoods, followed immediately by an image of the dogwood flowers we've all come to love. But there's more in this genus than just trees, and more features to grace the landscape than just flowers. You'll be thoroughly acquainted with why I say that after reading this article.

Best Landscape Trees
This list provides choices for creating visual interest in your landscaping for all four seasons. I begin with spring's best flowering ornamental trees; I end with specimens offering fall foliage and winter interest. Select from my choices for each season lest you end up with a yard full of one-hit wonders.

Dwarf Trees
Don't make the mistake of planting a specimen that is too big for your yard. Why? Because it will soon outgrow the territory allotted to it, meaning you are then confronted with the task of removing it. Instead, when shopping at garden centers, keep space limitations in mind and gravitate to a more sensible choice: the diminutive ornamental trees we affectionately call "dwarf" trees.

Flowering Ornamental Trees
Here is my handy guide to the best flowering ornamental trees. Learn information about crape myrtles, dogwoods, crabapples and more. Wildly popular at this time are blooming varieties with a weeping habit. Flowering ornamental trees are especially prized for the extravaganzas to which they treat us in the springtime.

Pictures of Flowering Ornamental Trees
Do you need helping choosing between the various specimens for sale at nurseries? With so many choices, you may sometimes reach an impasse. Do you want a flowering ornamental tree that also produces edible fruit (either for birds or humans)? Or maybe your preference is for a specimen that not only blossoms wonderfully in spring but also supplies good fall leaf color? Here are some selections.

Weeping Ornamental Trees
Some flowering ornamental trees offer an added feature: they weep. Read about weeping cherries, crabapples, mulberry, Japanese red maple, birch, weeping willow and weeping pussy willow trees. Then there are the weeping evergreens, such as the blue cedar trees: both Alaskan and Atlas.

Best Fall Foliage Pictures
Flowering ornamental trees are the monarchs of the spring yard. But in autumn, our allegiance switches to the great fall foliage specimens, foremost of which are the maples. View my best fall foliage pictures of maples to aid you in selecting the optimal specimens for autumn color.

Types of Palm Trees
There are many different kinds of palms. Those of you who live in climates that are warm year-round probably know that. But this article is geared to those who must brave the frigid gusts of Old Man Winter. Among other things, I discuss which palms display some hardiness.

Types of Flowering Ornamental Trees: Overview in Pictures
With so many different types of flowering ornamental trees, it's easy for average homeowners to overlook those one or two specimens that could really "seal the deal" in their landscape design and make their properties stand out from the rest of the neighborhood. That's why I sift through the possibilities in this photo gallery, helping you find a specimen right for your landscaping.

Best Landscape Trees for Fall Foliage
This overview of autumn foliage choices will help you select specimens to add fall color to your yard. The trees for autumn foliage covered in the overview hold other benefits for your landscaping, too. For example, beeches and birches have pretty bark; they both light up the landscape in winter, when we most need it.

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