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Winter Damage to Trees

Plus Tree Growths That Look Like "Damage" but Aren't


I address coping with winter damage to trees in the first 3 FAQs on this page, while in the following entry I discuss the opposite problem: a case of coping with the challenges posed by warm climates. In the last two FAQs I point to examples where tree "damage" might be your first thought upon observing strange growths (bumps) on trees, but they turn out to be nothing harmful.

Do You Have Any Tips for Protecting Japanese Maple Trees From Snow and Ice Damage?

In addition to some of the more direct steps you can take to protect Japanese maple trees (and others) from winter damage, this FAQ looks at some less obvious steps that you could easily overlook.

Our Bradford Pear Lost Limbs From Snow and Ice Damage. What Should We Do?

Some tree problems are the result of poor plant selection. Bradford pear trees are notorious for losing branches due to wind, ice and snow damage....

What Tips Can You Offer on Pruning Arborvitae After Snow Damage?

I offer some tips in this FAQ for dealing with arborvitaes suffering from snow damage. How satisfied you end up with the results might depend, however, on the age of your tree.

Why Don't the Buds on My Magnolia Tree Open Up?

There are a number of possible answers to this question. I offer three potential reasons why magnolia buds fail to open in this FAQ. Two of those reasons are weather-related.

Can You Grow Dwarf Alberta Spruces in Pots in Warm Climates?

Dwarf Alberta spruces are best grown in zones 3-8, but this reader wishes to "break the rule" -- or try to, anyhow. I suggest a way to "cheat" that might make it possible to grow dwarf Alberta spruces in warm climates.

What Are Those Odd-Looking Growths on My Magnolia Trees?

Although our trees sometimes exhibit signs of having been damaged, some tree "damage" turns out, upon further inspection, to be a false alarm. We detect something (perhaps something we'd describe as an "odd growth") we've never noticed before, and it worries us -- until we've undergone the necessary learning process to find out what the heck it is! Such is the case in this FAQ, which you can access by clicking on the link above.

The Leaves of My River Birch Tree Have Growths on Them. What Problem Does My Tree Have?

Another case of "mysterious growths" or bumps -- but once again, nothing that indicates any serious damage....

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