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Bamboo Plants FAQ

Plus Information on Imposters: Lucky, Heavenly Bamboo Plants


Bamboo plants.

Bamboo plants.

Roger Browne

A reader who lives in a cold climate asked the following question regarding bamboo plants:

I recently moved into an old farmhouse that is near a main road and I'm looking for natural ways to buffer the noise from passing traffic. I've heard bamboo is good, but I'm wondering if you have any suggestions?

This reader represents a growing part of the population in cooler regions interested in a plant more often associated with tropical and sub-tropical areas: bamboo. Knowing that the answer I gave to the reader's question would, consequently, have something of a broad appeal, I decided to build a feature on bamboo plants around it to share with everyone.

The result is the series of answers to frequently asked questions that I present below. Even if you're not planning on growing bamboo plants, you may find something of interest in this series. For, besides questions about growing bamboo plants, I also tackle questions on eradicating unwanted bamboo and exposing bamboo look-alikes for the imposters that they are!

Just click on a link to any of the questions about bamboo below, and you'll be taken to the corresponding answer. Enjoy!

What Is Bamboo?

What Are the Uses for Bamboo?

What's the Difference Between Running Bamboo Plants and Clumping Bamboo Plants?

Should I Use Bamboo Barriers to Contain Bamboo Plants?

How Do You Grow Bamboo Plants?

Are There Any Cold-Hardy Bamboo Plants?

Do Bamboo Plants Make Good Privacy Screens?

How Do You Eradicate Bamboo Plants Without Using Herbicides?

Are 'Mexican Bamboo Plants' True Bamboos?

Are 'Heavenly Bamboo Plants' True Bamboos?

Are 'Lucky Bamboo Plants' True Bamboos?

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