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Is There a Way of Containing Bamboo Plants?


Question: Is There a Way of Containing Bamboo Plants?
One way to "play it safe" when growing bamboos is by containing them through the use of bamboo barriers....

That is, many people eager to grow bamboo but worried about its potential to spread engage in some preventive maintenance before planting. They sink 40 mil plastic barriers into the ground all around the bamboo plants, effectively "fencing" them in. Bamboo barriers should run 30" deep; also make sure a couple of inches of bamboo barrier extend above the surface.

Whether it's because you're sure you have a clumping variety and/or because you've installed such a bamboo barrier, now you're confident about containing bamboo plants, right? Now it's time to look at the other end of things: How do you get bamboo plants to grow well for you? That's the subject of the next FAQ....

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