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How to Store Dahlia Tubers


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Washing Dahlia Bulbs in Preparation for Winter Storage
Clean dahlia bulbs as prep for winter. Rinse dirt of dahlia bulbs gently, using water.

Picture: cleaning dahlia bulbs in preparation for winter storage.

David Beaulieu

Gently wash the dirt off your dahlia bulbs (tubers). In the picture, I'm swishing them around a bit in a tub of water to remove the dirt. Other people mist the tubers with a garden hose to clean them. Why is it so important to be gentle in this operation? Well, even the slightest puncturing of the skin can introduce pathogens, which, in turn, will almost certainly cause your dahlia bulbs to rot in storage during the winter.

After the washing is done, it's easier to inspect the dahlia bulbs to see what kind of condition they're in. On Page 5, I'll show you a problem that you do not wish to see -- and what you can do to solve it....

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