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How to Store Dahlia Tubers


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How to Dry Dahlia Tubers
Picture of dahlia bulb dried. You must dry dahlia bulbs before storing them away for winter.

Picture of dahlia bulb (tuber) after drying.

David Beaulieu

Once you've dug your dahlia tubers and performed the other tasks mentioned so far, the next step in preparing them to be stored away in winter is drying or "curing" them.

Generally, you should dry dahlias for a couple of weeks prior to storing them away. If temperatures won't be dipping below freezing where you live during that time period, and if no rain is in the forecast, it's fine to dry the dahlia tubers outdoors; in fact, since good air circulation will promote drying, outdoors may be preferable. Whether drying them indoors or outdoors, choose a location where they will not receive direct sunlight: the idea is to air-dry them, not to cook them.

If you're able to hang your dahlias (perhaps in a mesh bag) during the drying process, so much the better. Hang them upside-down, so that any residual moisture in the stem can drain off. Once the dahlia tubers are dried, cut the rest of the stem off with your pruners.

On Page 8 we'll take one step closer to storing the dahlias away for the winter....

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