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Walkway Ideas

You can build walkways out of a myriad of different materials and in a number of styles. Which you choose will depend on such factors as cost, what your tastes are, and what your landscaping needs are. Read my walkway ideas (and view my pictures) to help sort it all out before deciding.

Walkway Pictures
When you build a walkway, should it be straight or curved? While the answer depends partly on your tastes (aesthetics), it should also be determined by function. This holds true for selection of material, too. Not sure which route to take? My walkway pictures will point you in the right direction.

How to Build Stone Walkways
Do you live in suburbia but dream of living in a rural area someday? You can get a jump on your dreams by landscaping your yard accordingly, and the walkway style you choose is a big part of that. Discover how to lay a stone walkway in this tutorial.

How to Make Garden Stepping Stones
Making your own stepping stones out of concrete is simple once you know how; I show you in this tutorial. It's fun, too, as you can get creative. But beyond the fun, I relate how stepping stones can serve various useful purposes in the yard.

What to Consider When Building Walkways or Pathways
Do you wish to lay hardscape between points X and Y across your lawn, lest you wear an unsightly path on the grass?. Before you build a walkway, gain some tips from expert, David Gatti. E.g,. learn about stamping or staining concrete walks as cost-effective methods for jazzing them up.

Walkway Idea for Hills: Outdoor Steps
When you need a walkway to scale a slope, outdoor steps are the answer. If there's an incline on your land, installing steps could be termed an "investment in infrastructure," as they'll make your yard maintenance easier.

Three Ideas for Masonry Steps
But what materials should be used for the steps on a walkway? Beyond the issues of cost and stability, you'll want to let your creative juices flow a bit. Thus we present three ideas here, in pictures, while discussing their pros and cons.

Brick Inlay on a Flagstone Walkway
Speaking of creativity, here's a walkway idea sure to capture your imagination if you wish to do your strolling in style! Joe Norton, an expert in building walkways, shows us a picture of a brick inlay design used to enhance a flagstone patio.

Walkway Idea: Designing for Stability
Not sure what kind of walkway you wish to install? When stability is at a premium, it's hard to beat large stone pavers. Take a look at the picture in this short piece and you'll see what I mean. Visually, the design is simple, but appealing in a classy way.

Hardscape Ideas - Brick and Flagstone Hardscape Ideas
An interesting hardscape idea is to mix bricks and flagstone together to build a walkway or patio. In fact, mixing hardscape materials is, generally, a great hardscape idea, as you can come up with unique creations.

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