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Would you like to build a backyard water feature? Do you think such construction is beyond your DIY skill level or beyond what your finances can bear? Nonsense on both counts! Follow my simple instructions to learn how to build your own small water feature. I show you how to do it all at minimal expense.
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Stone Fountains
Want an eye-popping focal point for your backyard water feature? Try a stone fountain. The piece of granite used in this project comes with holes drilled through it to house the plumbing. The fountain is supported by a grate that straddles the pond. River rock is applied as a finishing touch.

Ceramic Garden Fountains
Some admirers of backyard water features will prefer the fountain used in this project over the one above. It's a blue ceramic fountain with a nice shine to it, making it a showier focal point to draw attention to a garden pond. It would also be ideal for someone using a color scheme that involves blue (I like gold-colored plants with blue).

Cheap Backyard Water Features for DIYers
The two water features covered above will not break the bank for most people, but I would not classify them as "bargain-basement" projects, either. But in this project, I really let my cheap side show. There's no significant cash outlay for the fountain, so it's just a matter of putting in the labor here.

How to Build Waterfalls
A little more thought has to go into building waterfalls (as opposed to the fountain projects above), but constructing one of these delightful backyard water features is still very much within the means of the DIYer, both in terms of skills required and costs. The simple waterfall project presented here is, in fact, dirt cheap.

Aquatic Plants and Backyard Water Features: A Footnote
I asked readers for their thoughts on creating backyard water features; here's where you can show off your expertise! One reader provides a footnote to one of my tutorials: I had noted that copper tubing is not good for fish, but this user adds that copper is also problematic for something else. Read his thoughts here. See submissions

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