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Artificial Ponds - Plants, Supplies, Informative Books

There are several steps involved in setting up artificial ponds and waterfalls, and there are useful or even essential supplies used in each of those steps. Here you can learn about those supplies (or even access them online), as well as about plants used in and around artificial ponds. I also review books on the topic.

Top 10 Plants for Wet Areas
Distinction: there are aquatic plants you can insert in artificial ponds; then there are landscape plants that happen not to mind "wet feet." The latter can be grown around artificial ponds. They're terrific solutions for areas (with or without water features) too wet for most plants.

Bamboo Plants for a "Japanese Feel"
A classic landscape plant to use around artificial ponds is bamboo. Bamboo generally prefers good drainage, but these plants are so tough that they will often adapt to less than ideal circumstances. Bamboo plants will lend your artificial pond that "Japanese feel."

Book Review: "Complete Idiot's Guide" to Water Gardens
Do you appreciate a "two-for" (two products in one package)? Then you'll want this book from the "Complete Idiot's Guide" series. In it you'll learn not only how to build artificial ponds, but also rock gardens. If you'd prefer a more focused text (i.e., purely on water gardens), see the next entry.

Water Garden Book Review
Kathleen Fisher is the author of the Complete Guide to Water Gardens. Fisher uses pictures and illustrations to let the beginner in on the magic of artificial ponds. It's a topic with a lot of information to cover, ranging from the essential (pond liners) to the optional (keeping koi fish).

Vanishing Waterfall Kits
Berkey Supply sells waterfall kits. They also lay out online, in detail, how their product works. Berkey Supply specializes in what they call "disappearing waterfalls," structures that are still attractive even after you've turned the power off to save on energy and water (when you're on vacation, for example).

Artificial Pond Supplies, Information
"The Water Garden" is a business that offers hundreds of pages of tips on installing and maintaining artificial ponds. I love the way they have integrated the selling of supplies online with both product information and general information.

Planting Aquatic Plants in Ponds
Here's what makes or breaks an artificial pond: installing the aquatic plants in such a way that they will thrive. WaterGarden.com makes effective use of images to explain the process of planting aquatic plants. The site is loaded with further useful information as well to help you grow attractive aquatic plants in water gardens.

Avant Garden Pond Supply
"Bringing water to life" is the motto of Avant Garden Pond Supply, a company that sells supplies for koi ponds, water gardens and fountains. People new to water gardens will be glad to find the reassuring claim on their site that their staff can help customers decide on the correct pumps, filters, liners and water treatments.

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