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Decorative Water Garden Fountains


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Building Decorative Garden Fountains From Ceramic Planters
One version of my ceramic planter garden fountain.

One version of my ceramic garden fountain. In this version, water spills over the edge of the ceramic planter.

David Beaulieu

Elsewhere, I've discussed building inexpensive water features. In that project, the focus was on saving money wherever possible. In the present project, the focus shifts to building decorative garden fountains.

You'll spend a bit more money on such water garden fountains, but the results will be stunning. Ornate water features are sufficiently eye-popping to serve as focal points. In landscape design, focal points can make or break a project, so you're spending your money wisely!

A tall, blue, glazed ceramic planter is at the heart of the project. Such ceramic planters can cost over $200 but can be turned into highly decorative water garden fountains. Besides their size and beauty, what you're paying for is the fact that these ceramic planters are glazed. Glazed ceramic planters hold up to the elements (still, don't leave them out in winter).

A creative use of copper pipes will make this water feature especially decorative (see picture above). A central pipe provides the plumbing for the water garden fountain. On either side is a decorative copper pipe, twisted artistically on top to form a curlicue.

The ceramic planter sits in a water-filled rigid pond liner, which rests below ground level. The copper pipes stand just in back of the pond liner. A pump resting on the bottom of the pond liner is connected to the central copper pipe with a rubber hose. Water is thereby pumped out of the pond and into the ceramic planter.

In the following pages, beginning on Page 2, specific instructions, with pictures, illustrate all the steps involved in building such garden fountains....

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