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Decorative Water Garden Fountains


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Your Choice: Sound vs. Looks
Picture of the decorative water garden fountain.

In this version of the decorative water garden fountain, the ceramic planter is left empty, instead of being filled with water. The result is an interesting hollow sound.

David Beaulieu

On Page 1, I presented one version of my garden fountain. In that version, upon completion of the project, not only the pond, but also the ceramic planter was filled with water. If you take that approach, the visual element will perhaps be more striking, as you'll be treated to the pleasing look of water spilling over the sides of the ceramic planter.

In order to keep water in the ceramic planter and achieve this effect, you'll have to plug up the drainage hole in the bottom. A permanent way to plug it would be to use grout and a sealer. But if you wish to experiment with different options, forgo a permanent solution. Instead, plug the hole with something you can later remove, such as putty or -- if you can find the right size -- just a regular bath plug.

In the version presented on this page, I explore another option, for which you'll want the ceramic planter's drainage hole to be unplugged. Above, you can see that the ceramic planter has been left empty. As water falls into the empty planter, a cool hollow sound is emitted. I suggest trying it both ways. Decide for yourself if you prefer the look achieved on Page 1 or the sound that results from choosing the option shown above.

Be sure to check the water level periodically for any garden fountain, so that the pump doesn't burn out due to accidental loss of water.

The plantings you see in my photos include elephant ears, hosta plants, sweet potato vine, calla lily and ferns.

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