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Supplies for the Stone Fountain Project
Picture of the completed stone fountain.

Picture of the completed stone fountain.

David Beaulieu

Stone fountains make a wonderful focal point or conversation piece for your patio landscaping. They sometimes consist of granite pieces (as in this project) with holes drilled through the rock to accommodate the tubing. My 24-inch-tall granite column cost $250 (U.S.) and has a circular "window" sculpted out of the rock, about 3/4 of the way up. The hole into which the tubing will be fed resides at the very bottom of the granite; the other hole, through which the water will spout, is found at the bottom of the circular window.

Such stone fountains typically stand on a grate spanning a pond, with both grate and pond concealed by rocks. As a cost-cutting measure, I improvised by using a firewood grate (the kind that holds logs near a fireplace) that I happened to have lying around, rather than going out and buying a grate specifically for this project.

  • Grate
  • Preformed pond liner
  • Pump
  • Tubing for the pump
  • Sand
  • River rock
  • Other assorted rock
  • The stone fountain piece, itself
  • Shovel
  • Carpenter's level
  • Back brace

This project is simple, but not easy on the back; thus the inclusion of the last supply mentioned. Those not in good physical shape are advised to have someone else move granite rock pieces of this sort into place, as they are quite heavy.

Since some people refer to such water features as "rock fountains," I use "stone fountains" and "rock fountains" interchangeably in this article.

In Step 2 we'll excavate to begin the stone fountain installation....

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