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How to Make a Stone Fountain: Finishing Touches
Natural rocks laid out for my stone fountain's base.

I used both polished river rocks and flat rocks for my base.

David Beaulieu

While the stone fountain will be perfectly functional at this point, it needs some finishing touches -- for decorative purposes. People generally don't want the grate to show, because it isn't especially attractive. The idea is to hide the grate and make it look like the stone fountain is rising out of the ground. So the final steps in making a stone fountain usually involve concealing the grate with rocks.

I began by laying out two types of rocks in the driveway and hosing them down, to clean them: polished river rocks that I had bought and other rocks (mainly flat rocks) I already had around the yard.

In Steps 9 and 10 I'll discuss the uses for each type of rock....

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