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Stone Fountains


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A "Pondless" Rock Fountain
Large rocks do most of the work of concealing stone fountain's grate.

Large rocks do most of the work of concealing the grate and pond.

David Beaulieu

This rock fountain is a "pondless" water feature in the sense that, at the end of the project, the pond will be totally hidden from view and serve merely as a reservoir. Pondless fountains are safer to have around children than are open water features. Not only the pond, but the grate, also, will be concealed.

How is this concealment accomplished? Through the rocks I showed in the prior step: flat rocks and river rocks. The picture in the present step shows what the project looked like before I added river rocks. The flat rocks take up a lot of space, quickly concealing most of the pond and grate.

Incidentally, concealing the pond in this way with stone to make a pondless rock fountain creates a sort of "cavern," which improves the quality of the sound of the cascading water.

I reserved my river rock for the area where the water cascading down from the fountain will land; we'll see the river rock in Step 10....

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