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Identifying Toxicodendron Vernix Using Poison Sumac Pictures


Let these poison sumac pictures help you in identifying Toxicodendron vernix (the poisonous plant's new Latin name, replacing the older name, Rhus vernix). My images include closeup photos of the shrub's plant parts, so that you can make a precise identification. I help you learn what this plant looks like by showing you its leaf shape, berries, bark, stem color and fall leaf color.
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Photo of poison sumac plant.Poison Sumac Pictures -- Swamp ShrubPicture of poison sumac leaflets.Poison Sumac Pictures -- The LeafletsPicture of poison sumac leaves.Poison Sumac Pictures -- Pinnately Compound LeavesPicture of poison sumac berries.Poison Sumac Pictures -- The Spring Berry
Closeup photo of poison sumac berries.Poison Sumac Pictures -- The BerriesPhoto of white berries of poison sumach.Poison Sumac Pictures -- The Fall BerryPicture of seedtuft of non-poison sumac.Photo of a Harmless RelativePicture of the bark on an older poison sumac shrub.Poison Sumac Pictures -- Old Bark
Picture of poison sumac shrub's bark, on young shrubs.Poison Sumac Pictures -- the New BarkIts red stems help identify poison sumac.Poison Sumac Pictures -- The StemsPhoto of poison sumac with yellowish and pinkish autumn leaves -- at the same time.Poison Sumac Pictures -- Fall FoliagePhoto of fall foliage of poison sumac, showing red and pinkish leaves.Poison Sumac Pictures -- Fall Foliage
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