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Honeysuckle Bush: Invasive Shrub
Tartarian and morrow's honeysuckle are invasive shrubs.

Honeysuckle bushes are tough customers, despite their sweet-sounding name.

David Beaulieu

Morrow's honeysuckle bushes (Lonicera morrowii) are indigenous to Eurasia, according to Marilyn J. Dwelley, author of Trees and Shrubs of New England (1980). It's hard to go anywhere in parts of New England without seeing them. They make my noxious weeds list on the basis of their invasiveness.

Reaching 5-8 feet in height, Morrow's honeysuckle shrubs (not to be confused with Japanese honeysuckle vines) readily exploit disturbed soils to naturalize along roadsides and in thickets and open woods.

Tatarian honeysuckle bushes (Lonicera tatarica) are, says Dwelley, native to Europe. The novice at plant identification has to take great pains to distinguish Morrow's honeysuckle bushes from the Tatarian version; these two shrubs are very similar in appearance. But let me give the beginner something simple to take away from this brief introduction: if you see a shrub such as the one pictured here, but with pink flowers, that plant is a Tatarian honeysuckle bush, because the flowers of Morrow's start out white and then become a creamy yellow. Both plants bloom in May-June.

More importantly, take note that these are both invasive plants.

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