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Use the Steel Rake to Even the Soil
The soil has been evened out.

The soil has been weeded and evened out, and sharp objects have been removed.

David Beaulieu

Now that the weeds are uprooted, rake the area with the steel rake. Like the garden hoe, this tool has a handle about 4.5 feet long. As its name ("steel") suggests, its teeth are strong, meant to stand up to rougher treatment than a leaf rake. The objective in raking is not only to remove the majority of the uprooted weeds, but also any sharp objects that could damage the landscape fabric -- twigs, stones, etc. Steel rakes are also used to even out garden soil.

To use a steel rake, pull it across the soil using a motion similar to that for a leaf rake, but also push with it as you would a push broom. Push and pull, push and pull, back and forth, removing extraneous objects with your hands -- until the planting bed is smooth.

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