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Installing Landscape Fabrics to Block Weeds
Overlapping sheets of landscape fabric.

I used 2 sheets of landscape fabric to cover this area, overlapping them.

David Beaulieu

In the area where I'm installing landscape fabric, the width is great enough that I need two sheets for complete coverage. When using two or more lengths of weed fabric adjacent to each other, be sure to overlap. Overlapping sheets of landscape fabric blocks weeds so they don't poke up through the seams. The instructions on the "Weed-X" wrapping say to use a 3-inch overlap, but I recommend being on the safe side and overlapping by at least 6 inches.

Install landscape fabric with the black, shiny side facing up. If it's windy outside when you're installing landscape fabric, weigh it down with anything heavy you can find (as you can see I did, in the photo), so that it won't blow. On Page 7 we'll secure it permanently with garden staples. But first I like to roll out the landscape fabric and see if it covers the area as planned, so that I can adjust it if necessary.

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