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Pictures of Winter Landscapes for Landscaping Inspiration


Not only are pictures of winter landscapes beautiful to behold in their own right, but they can also furnish inspiration as you're planning your landscaping. It's especially easy for those landscaping in the country to take their cue from Mother Nature, who finds a way to dazzle our senses even during the bleakest of months in the North. But city folk, too, can gain some ideas from these pictures of winter landscapes: for instance, it doesn't take much room to grow ornamental grass, which shines most brightly when surrounded by snow. Browse the clickable photos below for some ideas.
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Ornamental grass is most striking in the winter landscape.Ornamental Grass PicturePicture of pieris shrub in the winter snow.Pictures of Winter Landscapes: AndromedaPicture of spruce windbreak dusted with winter snow.Spruce Trees Dusted With SnowPicture of a waterwheel in winter.Pictures of Winter Landscapes: Pond Scene
Picture of a weeping elm tree in winter.Weeping Elm Provides StructurePicture of beech trees in the winter woods.Beech Trees in a Snow-Covered Forest Picture of common reeds in winter pond."Bend Like a Reed in the Wind"Picture of mailbox planting in winter.Pictures of Winter Landscapes
Ornamental grasses inject much-needed visual interest into the winter landscape.Winter Landscape Scene With Ornamental GrassesPicture of a wishing well in the winter landscape.Wishing Well in WinterPicture of a lonely eastern red cedar (juniper) tree in the sand dunes during winter.Eastern Red Cedar in Winter Sand DunesPicture of ornamental grass in winter.Pictures of Winter Landscapes: Dried Ornamental Grass
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