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How to Make a Kissing Ball


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How to Make a Kissing Ball the Natural Way
Picture of Christmas kissing ball, completed.

Picture of Christmas kissing ball, completed.

David Beaulieu

Making a kissing ball is a fun, easy project that yields a beautiful ornament when you're done. Hang your gorgeous globe outside to spruce up a porch, patio, deck, etc. in celebration of a winter holiday. This ten-page tutorial with pictures shows you how to make a kissing ball, step by step.

Some folks decorate kissing balls with ribbons, Christmas ornaments and other store-bought supplies; I show an example in this kissing ball picture. But in the present project, for those of you who prefer natural Christmas decorations or who just wish to display something pretty that isn't too "Christmasy," I will show you how to make a kissing ball using natural materials, where possible.

The concept of a "natural kissing ball" has its limitations, though. At the very heart of the project, literally, is a styrofoam globe. You will be inserting natural materials into this globe -- in some cases, to be sure, by means of thoroughly unnatural florist's supplies: wire and plant stakes. Another concession I make to modernity is the use of gold spray paint, to make some of the kissing ball's decorations pop a bit more.

On Page 2 we'll take a closer look at the supplies needed to make a kissing ball....

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