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How to Make a Kissing Ball


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Making Kissing Balls: Supplies
Supplies needed for making kissing balls.

Supplies needed to create a kissing ball.

David Beaulieu

You'll be obtaining your materials for making kissing balls from 3 places: from nature, from a hardware store and from a crafts store. You'll probably have some of these supplies on hand, already.

I harvested the following materials from nature:

  • A variety of evergreen branches
  • A variety of cones from evergreen trees
  • Branches of winterberry
  • A pod from a locust tree

You'll need to buy a styrofoam globe from a crafts store for this project. If you can't find green styrofoam, white will do, but I recommend spraying it green: you don't want white patches poking out from behind your evergreen branches.

Alternatively, you could try to find a globe of oasis -- the spongy material florists use as a base when designing fresh floral arrangements. The advantage in taking this approach is simple: the evergreens will hold up longer, because they'll have constant access to water. But the downside is twofold:

  1. Oasis globes are more difficult to find
  2. Styrofoam is a tougher substance: it doesn't take oasis long to break up when you start jamming evergreen branches into it

In the picture on this page, I show other non-natural supplies necessary for making kissing balls; they are as follows:

  • Top row: wire cutter and bypass pruners
  • Middle row: coat hanger and gold spray paint
  • Bottom row: florist's wire and plant stakes

I'll discuss these materials and supplies for making kissing balls in greater detail on the following pages, beginning on Page 3....

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