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How to Make a Kissing Ball


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Kissing Ball Pinecones on Stakes
The wired pinecone is attached to a plant stake.

The wired pinecone is attached to a plant stake.

David Beaulieu

Wiring the cone (prior page) provides a way to attach the cone to a plant stake (see picture). The plant stake can then be stuck into the kissing ball's styrofoam globe, after the pine and other evergreen branches have been inserted.

Incidentally, the same method can be used to include cones in flower arrangements, whether with fresh flowers, artificial, or dried. For instance, in the fall, try setting some cones aside. Then, in late winter, cut some stalks of ornamental grass. With these complementary ingredients ready to go, harvest the first pussy willows you see and create some dried flower arrangements. Add artificial flowers as desired for more color.

As you experiment with using cones in kissing balls, you'll find that particular types of cones have their good and bad points. For instance, the pinecones from eastern white pine are often very pitchy, making them messy to work with. On the other hand, their pitch is often quite visible, appearing as a white "frosting" on the pinecones. This is a rather nice ornamental look, precluding your having to buy a can of the artificial snow some crafts people use to achieve this appearance.

Remember that you also have the option of spray-painting the cones (gold, for instance) to jazz them up some.

On Page 5 we'll move on to a decorative element for the kissing ball that does not require wiring....

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