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Battery Charger Alternative for Yardworks Cordless Mowers

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Battery Charger for Yardworks Cordless Mowers - An Alternative

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For those of you who are having difficulties with your Yardworks cordless mowers, first the battery charger that came with the mower is crap! Go to www.soneil.com and select any of the 24v battery chargers, find the local distributor, and buy one. Unlike the Yardworks battery charger, Soneil battery chargers are 4 stage charging units and can be left connected to the battery all the time without damaging them.

The Yardworks battery chargers are not a real charger. I took a no load voltage reading and it was over 36v. A fully charged 12v lead acid battery is actually 13.6v - 13.8v. Multiply that by 2 and you get 27.2 - 27.6v.

Lead acid batteries must be kept at full charge ALL the time. If you don't, you end up with sulfation. Sulfation is created during discharge (usage), and the chemical reaction created sulfates. These then attach themselves to the plates and crystallize, increasing the resistance and decreasing the capacity. Also, if you discharge the lead acid battery down past 10.5v you are damaging it just as overcharging will do.

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