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By Ross

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Troy-Bilt Bronco Riding Mower

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My Review 

Got my 43″ Bronco riding mower at Lowes 4 years ago, and it has always run great. Only problem right off the bat was backfiring after slowing down the engine and turning it off. Found in the manual you are supposed to turn off the key only at full throttle. Pays to read the instructions, duh! Still using the same belts that came with my Troy-Bilt Bronco riding mower. I engage the blades easily, not slamming them into gear.

What a pain to drop the deck to change blades. Made an 8″ ramp with 2×10’s and drive one front wheel up at a time, set the brakes and block rear wheels, remove spark plug wire…..room now to reach under and remove the blades.

Take the key out of the ignition when finished…leaving it in sometimes draws juice (I don’t know why) from the battery. Same thing on my Troy-Bilt tiller.

I don’t know why people keep replacing the same belts, pulleys, etc, over and again without figuring out why it’s happening.

I would never get a poorly assembled machine fixed or keep it. Insist on a new replacement machine or get your money back. Maybe that way they would get a clue to hire competent help.

Forcing shifting lever in or out of gear, running a smoking engine into the ground, running with known oil leaks until engine freezes up, poor maintenance, etc, are all owner's fault for not getting the problems fixed or replacing the unit.

Parting note: We have warranties on products in the United States because we EXPECT them to fail. There are no such warranties in Japan because they expect their products to work. Amazing concept, huh?

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