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Reader Stories: What Are Your Favorite Plants?


Would you like to brag about a favorite plant in your yard? Here's your chance.

Perhaps you've been inspired by my article on the best landscaping plants you may not know about. Or at least you've been warned about the worst plants to grow in your yard. But now it's your turn.

Let us know what first interested you in the plant, how you've cared for it, what it looks like, etc. Tell us, too, if it attracts birds and/or butterflies. Is it susceptible to pests or diseases? Any tips on designing a landscape with this plant? Upload a photo so that we can all see your favorite plant!

Flame Lily - How to Grow Gloriosa or Flame Lilies

I live in Walkerville in Gauteng, South Africa and have my plant growing against a fence in the sort of middle of my garden. It gets full sunlight through the morning and then the late afternoon shad…More

Lotus Flowers

I live in zone 7; we have wild weather here. In the summer, the humidity is very high: Many plants suffer powdery mildew. Our lotus flowers are in a small pond in our front yard. They receive part su…More

Himalayan Blue Poppies

I live in Val-Morin, Quebec, Canada, in the Laurentians, we are in a zone 4 area.The plant receives morning sun and shade for the rest of the day. I have ordinary good garden soil with compost added …More

Kiwi Plants

We live in central Wisconsin, zone 4, the kiwi plant has approximately 4-6 hours of sunlight a day. It is planted on the northeast side of our yard. We have very heavy clay soil, which I try to amend…More

Proper Peony Care Makes Peonies a Favorite

I live in north Georgia, zone 7. The peony is planted in a perennial bed in the front of my house with daylilies, irises and Autumn Joy sedum, among others. The soil is amended red clay. It has morni…More

Blue Star Lithodora

Portland, Oregon - zone 8Growing in store container with original soil and in late spring it will be transferred into prepared, composted soil. Full sun for six hours per day. This trailing plant wil…More

Blue Clematis

Zone 5 Northeast Ohio; planted the blue clematis on the west side of our house that sits on a hill and gets a good bit of sun and on both sides of the arbor; well drained, rich soil. Lattice along t…More

Dracunculus Vulgaris Plants

London, England. My Dracunculus vulgaris gets early day sun and late day shade: it's on the east side of tall bush. I use normal bagged compost and water daily. While it was growing in the parking lo…More

Flowering Dogwood My Favorite Plant

I live in southern Maine (U.S.), which can receive quite a bit of rain in spring and fall; sub-zero temperatures in winter are not unheard of. Since flowering dogwood is an understory plant in the wi…More

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