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Blue Star Lithodora

Share Your Story: What Are Your Favorite Plants?

By MrsB

Blue Star Lithodora

Blue Star lithodora picture.

The Name of My Favorite Plant

Blue Star Lithodora (Lithodora diffusa 'Blue Star')


How I First Found Out About This Plant

I saw Blue Star lithodora on sale at Lowe's.

How I Have Cared for This Plant

Full Sun (6+ hrs direct sun)

Semi-Moist Water Usage

Space 18-24" Apart (for Spread)

Cold Hardiness 0 to -10ºF

Light Pruning

Fertilization Spring and Summer

Pests, Diseases or Other Problems for This Plant

None shown.

Why I Love This Plant So Much

The shade of blue reminds me of Mediterranean tiles and the white stripes in the middle of the blossoms are so interesting. Planted in the dirt, it would be perfect for a rock wall in that it would cascade over and down, as it's a trailing plant.

Location: My Region, Location of the Plant in My Yard

Portland, Oregon - zone 8

Growing in store container with original soil and in late spring it will be transferred into prepared, composted soil. Full sun for six hours per day. This trailing plant will look beautiful against the house or in a stand-up, yard sculpture of some type. This plant would also be nice on a trellis by a pond or swimming pool. This would also be a perfect plant for the entrance to a gated property, in overflowing baskets,

Tips and Tricks

  • Keep soil moist, allow 6 hrs full sun per day.

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