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Benefits of Reel Mowers: Why They Are Useful Landscaping Tools

Share Your Story: What Are the Most Useful Tools You've Used for Landscaping?

By mawkovin

Name of Tool

Reel Mower

Tool Description

Any reel mower. I have used several different kinds, from an antique, cast iron and wooden salvage I found, to an expensive, brand-name model, and everything in between. They all work well for me.

How I Use the Tool

Mowing grass.

How I Came to Own It in the First Place

We bought a 1923 Dutch Colonial in 1996 and I found this ancient, heavy, cast-iron and wood reel mower lurking in the shadows of the dark, cold, detached garage. I absolutely loved that thing. It eventually wore out and I had to retire it. I sure do miss that old behemoth!

What Makes This Landscaping Tool So Useful

The benefits of reel mowers are that they are easy to use, lightweight, quiet, no smell, nature friendly, safer than power mowers, easy to maneuver, cheap, you don't have to pull a cord to start them, and they're great exercise. I don't have to get my husband to start it for me!

A Story I'd Like to Relate About This Landscaping Tool

Whenever I mow my front yard, people always stop to talk about the reel mower. They are always impressed with it and a few of my neighbors have gotten reel mowers for themselves after seeing mine. It makes for much better Saturday mornings, not having to listen to the drone of lawnmowers all over the neighborhood. Even the birds approve! There is a little titmouse that follows me whenever I mow the lawn.

Tips and Tricks

  • Make sure to pick up or rake all the sticks out of the yard to avoid getting "hung-up". Clean out any grass that accumulates around the reel and oil the reel after use. Sharpen blades with a sharpening stone at the beginning and middle of every season for best results. Grass that is over 6-8" high is usually too much for the reel mower and I recommend using a power mower in that case.

David Beaulieu, About.com Landscaping, says:

Read my review to learn more about the benefits of reel mowers. You can see a picture of a reel mower in this article about lawn mowing.

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