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Readers Respond: Ways to Save Money Landscaping

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There are all kinds of ways to save money landscaping your yard. If you choose a hardscape project that is manageable for the DIYer, not only are you more likely to undertake the project yourself in the first place, but you'll also avoid the frustration that often leads to fleeing to the pros for help half-way through.

Some of the best ways to save money in landscaping your yard involve simple attitude adjustments. For example, the attitude you have toward lawn clover could have an impact on how much you spend on lawn maintenance.

Use the space below to relate ways you've discovered to save money landscaping.

Rooting Cuttings

I love saving on garden stuff. Rooting cuttings is my trick. With care, most cuttings can be made to produce roots.
—Guest vpgardener

Rain Barrel

Make this purchase and save money on water for watering plants, washing the car, or any other outdoor water use. Some municipalities offer a class in rain barrel installation with a reduced cost (same with compost bins).
—Guest Ruth

Ways to Save Money Landscaping

If you have fruit trees on your propety already, remember to prune them so that when in season you will have an abundance of fruit. Find seeds to plant vegetables and herbs at a discount store for half price and you'll not only have loads of produce but a house full of friends and family visiting with a basket in hand. It's a great way to entertain and share in the grow.

Recycle Laundry Water

Several years ago during a drought there was a ban on watering lawns/gardens. I ran my drain hose from my clothes washer out the window into a 55 gallon barrel and pumped the water to my garden using a small pond pump. My flowers grew beautifully (twice their normal size!)and the bleach water kept any bugs off of my plants.

Saving Money in a Pinch

Re-stating a suggestion I read here: pinch off ends of the various decorative sweet-potato vines growing in pots along your town's main street, pot them up in growing medium, or keep in a vase of water over the winter. You now have free varieties for next year's pots!

Use What You Have to Save Money

We have native trees that readily spread their seeds each year with trees popping up everywhere. While there are many to pull up early in the wrong places, when their leaves are gone in winter I transplant many of them to where they will be beneficial on our large property. They grow fast and tall! One native shrub I allow to grow in some of their selected locations. I keep them watered (fire hazard dry) and even trim them. Nice big green bushes shaped into squares or balls that produce lovely small white flowers. Albeit both of these can become a nuisance, if they are pulled as weeds when they are tiny they are controllable.

Do It Yourself to Save Money

I save money landscaping by doing everything myself. Last winter/spring I converted the lawn to xeriscape. By doing this myself I probably saved $3-4,000 at least, by not having someone else do it. With some help from the family, we removed all the grass, terraced 2 different levels, screened roots and large rocks, installed drip irrigation, laid a weed barrier, carefully and properly planted all desert-friendly plants, delicately transplanted some native plants, distributed rock, built dry stack wall, installed paver patio, built raised garden and laid flagstone step walkway! It took months of dedicated weekends and evenings after work, but it was worth it since now my front yard is an absolute desert paradise! I already have lizards and hummingbirds after 1 summer! Since this was a big expense ($1500-2000 over 4 months) I kept all my plant receipts, since my local nursery guarantees all plants for one year: so you can be sure I exchanged anything that died for a new plant!

Save Money Through Fall Shopping

Buy perennials in the fall, most nurseries put them on sale for 50% off.
—Guest wilma

Free Compost, Mulch Saves Money

Check with your local government to see if they have compost and mulch available. Our city, Plymouth, MN allows us to drop off yard waste and pick up compost and either chipped or shredded mulch. A great deal. A bit of work but my daughter and I have worked out a routine. I just spread several bags this am.

Saving Money With Free Plants, Seeding

I started my own perennials from seed. There are many plants you can propagate extras of yourself. Like pinning the ends of gooseberries to get new ones; the same is true of blackberries, etc. The neighbors have some natives that have seeded and I will take the excess next spring instead of buying the same plants. Don't get the wrong idea: we have bought many plants. I just can't afford any more in this economy. I also took plants others wanted to get rid of, if they were transplantable. I also gave the excess perennials away to older people for their yards.
—Guest Charlie

Ways to Save Money Landscaping

When you trim your plants, try to replant the cuttings.
—Guest ely penaflorida

Divide Plants to Save Money

Divide grasses, vines, bulbs and perennials with friends and neighbors so you don't have to spend money on plants.
—Guest Leb149

Money Saving Ideas: Sharing Plants

How about sharing plants with your friends and neighbors - just divide your plants and let everyone have some.
—Guest planterlady

Water Delivery System Saves Money

I take 20 ounce plastic bottles from sodas or water, drill holes on one side of the bottle and bury the empty bottle with the opening sticking just above the ground with the cap still on. I fill the bottle with water and this delivers water straight to the roots and doesn't water the top where invasive grass will soak up the water and keep it from the plant. I have had great success and it costs me nothing but the cost of running the hand drill, and when the plant no longer needs the water to get started, the bottle can be pulled up and placed in a recycling bin.
—Guest Gail Butler

Save Money, Make Friends by Bartering

Over the years, I have noticed a few gardens around my neighborhood that I absolutely adore walking past. When I saw the homeowners out, I decided to strike up a conversation about their beautiful landscaping. It worked great for making a new friend or two... but when I offered up some of my liriope that I was going to pull out, and some irises that needed thinning, they responded with offers of some of their plants as well. I have received black eyed susans, purple cone flowers, variegated liriope, hostas (of many different shapes and colors) rose of sharons, lilies, ornamental grasses and periwinkle that came from my friendly neighbors. I filled 2 large garden beds without spending a dime! And on top of that I found a few people who share my passion for gardening. It's fun, too, to walk around and see how my irises and liriope are doing in their gardens. Who doesn't like free stuff???
—Guest Wendy WasteNot

Save Money With Freecycle, Craigslist

I have been affiliated with Freecycle for many years (help run the 7200+ member one for my area). Many people are giving away plants, soil, pots, edging and more. I have been able to get lots of different items this way. On a similar note, check out Craigslist. There's free and barter sections that are worth checking out, as well as the Farm and Garden.

Late Shopping a Way to Save Money

One way to save money landscaping is to think outside the box and resist the temptation to follow the herd into the nursery in spring. Summer and fall can present excellent opportunities to buy plants at reduced prices if you're willing to shop around a bit.
—Guest Peter Pennypincher

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