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Readers Respond: What Type of Mulch (Color) Do You Prefer?

Responses: 50


There are various types of mulch, e.g., stone mulch and rubber mulch. I'm specifically thinking of bark mulch, but feel free to comment below regardless of the type of mulch material you use.

My mulch question is, Do you prefer to have a mulch that blends in to the landscape or a mulch that makes a statement of its own? If you want your mulch to blend in, 2 types of mulch made of bark will fit the bill:

  1. A mulch that has not been dyed
  2. A mulch dyed brown

If you prefer a showy mulch, you'll want red or black dyed mulch.

Fill in the boxes below to let us know what type of mulch your prefer.

Black Mulch

I have heard that the black mulch holds a lot of heat. I thus wonder if it is bad for the plants.
—Guest diana

My Wish Regarding Mulch Colors

I wish there were a dark or medium gray mulch, no blue tint to it, or rubber mulch of that color.
—Guest Arlene Hetherington

Black Plastic Mulch the Best

I have done research on the effect of plastic mulch color (black and plain). The black controls weeds better than the plain and also conserves moisture more than the plain.

Best Mulches Blend In

I like mulch to blend in with my landscape. I prefer dark brown natural mulch NOT COLORED.

Such a Thing as a Lime-Green Mulch?

If there were such a thing as a lime-green mulch, I would use it. But I'm not sure if that color mulch can be made.

Enlighten Your Customers

I prefer a natural bark mulch to complement the landscape, giving it a finished look. However, rubber mulch can be beneficial for use in firescaping. It's always good to have several options.
—Guest Margee Frey

Dark Mulch but Not Dyed Black

I like a dark, rich-looking mulch that mimics peat.
—Guest parrothead18707

Look for Mulch on Sale

I buy bark mulch every year, and I get whatever is on sale: It all looks good fresh and newly applied. After a year of doing its job of holding moisture in, I just add more on top.
—Guest roxy

Natural Brown Mulch for Me

After using several kinds of mulch, I have gone back to natural shredded bark mulch. You can fluff it if necessary, you may not necessarily have to replace it every year, and it looks natural! It also stays in place nicely, even in somewhat windy areas. You can also 'mulch' it in to your soil, as there are no dyes, and it is a natural substance. Now that's what I call cost effective!
—Guest rpmaster2

I Love Black Mulch

Around here black mulch looks natural. Specifically, you don't notice IT, but you do notice the nice plants in the bed. That's what I think a good mulch should do: keep the weeds out and the plants healthy without being noticed.
—Guest Cecilia

I Don't Use Dyed Mulch

I use mulch to build up my sandy soil, so I use uncolored mulch.

Natural Mulch Is Bed Friendly

Natural mulch such as hardwood mulch works great. The reason I like it is because the dyed mulches tend to get full of mildew and get very crusty as the rain and sprinkler system hits them. Also mulches break down as they decay (excellent for the soil), so natural makes more sense.
—Guest Teresa Merrell

Black Mulch

Black mulch is my favorite, because it brings emphasis to my flowers.
—Guest mhester

Color of Mulch

Black is my preference. We have a white house and the contrast is striking.
—Guest Judith Stutts

Type of Mulch: Red-Colored

I prefer red mulch as my home is far from the road, though very visible. The red complements the gray and white w/ red brick accents color of our home nicely.

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