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Readers Respond: Views on World Earth Day Events

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From the article: Earth Day Celebration

World Earth Day traces its history back to 1970 and has been a lightning rod for debate ever since. A proponent might say, for example, that World Earth Day events raise public awareness for environmentalism or can be used to promulgate specific "green" actions. Opponents might counter that it's contradictory to travel to the events in a polluting car or plane, or that World Earth Day has lost its original intensity.

Here's your chance to weigh in. Do you approve or disapprove of what the events stand for as they are celebrated at the present time? Please include the reason why you approve or disapprove.

It Shouldn't Be Just One Day.

I'm a human being. I love life, and the miracle of life on this planet never ceases to amaze me. I can't understand how there could be problem with making sure the very thing that gave us life can continue to do so. Isn't that important? I think it's parasitic the way we have lived since the Industrial Revolution. We are now face to face with the biggest obstacle: a major flaw in our reasoning and logic. As the great philosopher Alan Watts said, "We are far too simple-minded to understand all of this".
—Guest Kristie

Earth Day 2011

I think that Earth Day may be a good day for protesting the terrible ways we treat the Earth, but I believe that it is a day to celebrate life on our wonderful planet and the beauty of Earth.
—Guest ElissabethRose

Earth Day

I strongly believe every human should appreciate the fact that we are still here on this planet and accept the blessing given to us like nature trees, planets, stars and everything living things. Give Thanks to God.
—Guest GreenQueen

Made-Up Holidays

I remember being at the Oklahoma State Capitol on Earth Day 1991 - the crowd left a massive amount of trash and litter. Earth Day is just another Hallmark holiday.

Call Me an Atheist

I can go along with a pragmatic concern for the environment, which just makes sense. But celebrating "World Earth Day" events is just one example of how environmentalism has morphed into a religion. Gets too fanatical for my tastes, thank you.
—Guest etorrence1966

World Earth Day Was Long Overdue

Considering that we had had days celebrating a rodent (Groundhog Day) and a naked toddler with a bow and arrow (Valentine's Day) going back so much further, by 1970 it was high time that we had a day to celebrate consciousness about our earth's health. We need to continue to teach people to respect the planet, and these events are one step in that direction. World Earth Day is important enough that it should be a legal holiday everywhere.
—Guest Mr. Green Jeans

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