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Readers Respond: What Are the Best Halloween Displays?

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From the article: Halloween Yard Decorations

Halloween displays take many forms. Some folks adore ghost and ghoul themes, examples of which can be seen in my scary Halloween pictures and funny Halloween pictures. Others prefer a more tasteful harvest theme of cornstalks, gourds and the like.

You don't have to put up Halloween displays, yourself (or even celebrate the holiday at all) to be a connoisseur of Halloween displays, right? So what Halloween displays strike your fancy when you're out driving around during the autumn? Or if you do spruce up the fall landscape at your house with Halloween displays, let us know which ones you prefer to use.

Funny Halloween Display

We decorate for children. I like to display carved pumpkins with candles and lights. Also orange bags filled with fall leaves, designed by funny faces. We prefer a funny theme, although the classic Halloween theme is ghosts, cemeteries, and scary figures.
—Guest Nevart Barsamian

Harvest, With Halloween Punch

I like to put out fall decorations that last from late September through November, when I decorate for Christmas. I add some Halloween or Thanksgiving punch to the decorations, as appropriate.
—Guest N Tarlton

Harvest Theme

I prefer pumpkins (not carved), squash, and Indian corn, etc.
—Guest Kaye V.

Best Hallowe'en

I like a combo -- kind of fun-scary (we've got lots of little ones in the 'hood) and harvest as a reminder of earth's bounty. If the teenagers want icky-scary, there's always the local haunted houses...and ours get REALLY scary. Most haunted place in USA is here: Waverly Sanatorium. So lots of that kind of display locally.
—Guest molly

Harvest-Scary-Harvest Rotation

During September I do the harvest type decorating. Then at the start of October it turns to Halloween terror! Mostly homemade decorations. We have a "graveyard" in the front yard! Plus a scarecrow most people wave at thinking it's my husband! LOL. Then after Halloween, back to the harvest until Thanksgiving.
—Guest Gloria Palmer

Harvest-Themed Halloween Display Best

When my kids were young I did a combination of traditional Halloween decorations: pumpkins, and witches, corn stalks and spider webs. Now I do a fall harvest theme which I keep through Thanksgiving, using real and artificial fall mums, lots of pumpkins, grapevine wreaths, etc. Some of the pumpkins disappear just before Thanksgiving and end up on the table as homemade pies.
—Guest Beth

Witch My Favorite Hallowe'en Display

My own favorite decoration is a hand made (cut) broom supporting a lovely black witch with a black crow perched on to the broom, beside the witch. And my black cat sitting by the front door and the pumpkin.
—Guest Ann walton

Harvest Theme the Best Halloween Display

My kids really don't even like the scary, ghoulish displays. I really like the cute carved pumpkins, candles, squash, indian corn, etc. That is my idea of a great fall or Halloween display.
—Guest Sharonbaker1

Kids Demand a Scary Halloween Display

I put out a Halloween display only to satisfy my children. Since it is just for them, I figure I might as well give them what they want. And what they want are the scary Halloween displays.
—Guest Jack O'Leary
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