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Readers Respond: What Are the Best Plants for Fall Color?

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From the article: Shrubs for Fall Color
What are the best fall color plants? While well-known fall foliage trees such as maples come to mind immediately, some shrubs and vines are also among the best plants for fall color. What are your thoughts? Click the link and use the space provided to nominate your favorite plants for fall color.

Fall Color that Shines!

Shining Sumac- Rhus copallina - blood red fall color. It's in the same family as mango and cashews. http://pic.twitter.com/O4owg5b2
—Guest Tim Wood

Hard to Pick 1 Best Plant for Fall Color

A "best plant for fall color" is hard to decide on, with so many to choose from. My favorites are flowering kale, all the sedums (Autumn Joy), and Japanese maple.
—Guest JIMBO

Ahhh....Look at That Sumac!

I love, love, love sumac in the fall! It grows wild on the sides of our roads, and also along our interstates. To me, seeing the gorgeous colors of this otherwise understated plant are one of the most comforting signs of fall (my absolute favorite season!) After several years of saying I wanted some in my yard, I finally have a large patch growing wild in my backyard. Yay! I can't wait 'til fall :)
—Guest hawaiirocks

Burning Bush Best Fall Color Plant

Burning bush is our favorite. But what makes them lose their leaves early?

Favorite Fall Color Plants

My favorite fall color plants are: for a tree, jacaranda; for a vine, Boston ivy; for a ground cover, aternata plant.
—Guest daniel kebede

Don't Forget Nandina

Nandina bushes, planted in full sun in the southeast. Brilliant!
—Guest didi407

Favorite Fall Color Plants

Where I live the only fall color is brown. If it doesn't stay green, it usually turns brown. We go from late wet summer just about Christmastime to mid-spring. Oops, I missed my two day window to plant early spring flowers. Mums, snapdragons and pansies save the day, along with the two sand hill cranes, Barbara and Jody, who moved in last year.
—Guest Chezdegrady

Snapdragons, Mums, Pansies

Around here where we don't get the brilliant fall color changes in trees & shrubs that are synonymous with fall (although subtlety does have its place as well!), we'll have beautiful pockets of blooms in our snapdragons, mums & pansies & other cool weather bloomers for months to come!

Top 3 Plants for Fall Color

My favorites: the maples, Virginia creeper and European mountain Ash (Sorbus aucuparia).

Lovely Fall Color Plants

Japanese maples, crepe myrtles, roses, oakleaf hydrangeas, and Heritage birch are my current favorite fall color plants.

That's Easy...

For Texas it's got to be the Chinese pistache tree or the red oak. In Denton, TX these are fairly common.
—Guest Ryan

Fall Colour Plants

Boston ivy, burning bush, sumac, viburnums. Some of my favourite fall colour plants. Cheers

Best Plant for Fall Color: Crepe Myrtle

Crepe myrtles are small trees whose leaves turn pretty colors of oranges, reds, and yellows in the fall. They are easy to grow and to maintain. One could be used for an accent tree, or a whole driveway could be lined with them. Depending on the variety, summer color varies from white, to lavender, purple, fuschia, red, or pink. Some varieties, such as Natchez, have decorative, peeling bark, which adds to the attraction of these trees.

"Fab 5" Fall Color Plants

1.Amelanchier, chuckly pear 2.Acer ginnalla, amur maple 3.Euonymus alatus 'compactus', burning bush 4.Rhus typhina, tiger eyes sumac 5.Aronia milanocarpa, autumn magic chokeberry

2 of the Best Plants for Fall Color

The two most specaticular plants for fall color in our yard are Scarlet oak and "Festival" liquid amber.
—Guest Debbie

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