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Readers Respond: What Does Groundhog Day Represent for You?

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Is Groundhog Day inane? I contend this attitude prevails only if you take it literally. But is it really just about Punxsutawney Phil predicting 6 more weeks of winter? The origin of Groundhog Day is more complex than that. I argue it's the "looking-ahead holiday" and that its popularity is due to the fact that it gives the winter-weary hope that the spring equinox is imminent. You see, the date for Groundhog Day was not chosen arbitrarily: On February 2, we're exactly halfway to spring!

Some gardening enthusiasts mark this milestone by watching the Groundhog Day movie. How about you: What does Groundhog Day represent for you?

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Phil Shows Us How to Enjoy Life

Groundhog Day is the best holiday of the year….no muss, no fuss, simply a day to enjoy life and all life has to offer. Thank you Phil for showing us the way. Happy Groundhog Day from Texas.
—Guest Rob

Looking-Ahead Holiday

I think it is nice to have Groundhog Day, so that we know that spring is coming soon.
—Guest Souksady Kayalath

Halfway to Spring

Spring always comes, but it's a pleasure to know we are halfway there.

Groundhog Day a Fun Celebration

I think Groundhog Day is fun. I've been watching for years and enjoy it.

Simple Gratitude

I really do think that everyone including me is very glad to be able to witness such an event -- whether or not it sees its shadow!
—Guest antonio wright


Those of you who are saying to lighten up are the ones who need to lighten up. Nobody said it was "stupid". Nothing in the story was "negative". If facts bother you, Prozac may help.
—Guest Tac

Phil Is a Rill

Hooey! But fun to consider.... Plus groundhogs are cute little fat creatures!
—Guest Doty

No Shadow Equals Early Spring

When I was in Hunt Primary, I used hear the Groundhog saw his shadow (or he didn't), but nobody ever explained it to me (or I didn't pay attention -- ha!). But now I just figured it out -- what it means -- thanks for that. Groundhog Day to me is a tradition -- and also a certified day on the calendar.
—Guest Romanique

I Look Forward to Groundhog Day

That's the day that I look forward to the groundhog (not) seeing his shadow. Then I know spring is coming, meaning warmer weather for us.
—Guest Irene

Different Strokes for Different Folks

Groundhog Day is hope for some people and hooey for others. Whatever floats your boat.
—Guest Penny

Let the Light-Heartedness Thrive

I grew up in Ohio and always loved the excitment of Groundhog Day. Shadow or no shadow--people felt enthusiasm and the coming zest for "new life." To find something wrong about such a celebration of neighbors having a fun time together is a very "negative" existence. Lighten Up!
—Guest Kathie

Love Ground Hog Day

My husband was born on Ground Hog day and we celebrate every year with signs and some of the songs available online. It's a wonderful holiday!
—Guest Doehring

I Like Groundhog Day

I like Groundhog Day and always hope he sees his shadow. I don't put a lot into it, but it is fun to see what he says and then in approximately 6 weeks spring comes either way.
—Guest Ilene

Good Old Fashioned Fun

Ground Hog Day is like a sign that spring is around the corner. Not only that, you have to admit Punxsutawney Phil's a looker. What's wrong with fun anyway? I say go for it; don't take yourself too seriously (nobody else does). May Punxsutawney Phil continue to add a bit of joy to our lives!

Buckeye Chuck

Our Ohio groundhog, Buckeye Chuck, also didn't see his shadow when he ventured out for awhile; so he and Phil agreed!
—Guest Judy Peterson

Rip It or Rave About It!

What Does Groundhog Day Represent for You?

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