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Readers Respond: What Does Groundhog Day Represent for You?

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Is Groundhog Day inane? I contend this attitude prevails only if you take it literally. But is it really just about Punxsutawney Phil predicting 6 more weeks of winter? The origin of Groundhog Day is more complex than that. I argue it's the "looking-ahead holiday" and that its popularity is due to the fact that it gives the winter-weary hope that the spring equinox is imminent. You see, the date for Groundhog Day was not chosen arbitrarily: On February 2, we're exactly halfway to spring!

Some gardening enthusiasts mark this milestone by watching the Groundhog Day movie. How about you: What does Groundhog Day represent for you?

Let the Light-Heartedness Thrive

I grew up in Ohio and always loved the excitment of Groundhog Day. Shadow or no shadow--people felt enthusiasm and the coming zest for "new life." To find something wrong about such a celebration of neighbors having a fun time together is a very "negative" existence. Lighten Up!
—Guest Kathie

Love Ground Hog Day

My husband was born on Ground Hog day and we celebrate every year with signs and some of the songs available online. It's a wonderful holiday!
—Guest Doehring

I Like Groundhog Day

I like Groundhog Day and always hope he sees his shadow. I don't put a lot into it, but it is fun to see what he says and then in approximately 6 weeks spring comes either way.
—Guest Ilene

Good Old Fashioned Fun

Ground Hog Day is like a sign that spring is around the corner. Not only that, you have to admit Punxsutawney Phil's a looker. What's wrong with fun anyway? I say go for it; don't take yourself too seriously (nobody else does). May Punxsutawney Phil continue to add a bit of joy to our lives!

Buckeye Chuck

Our Ohio groundhog, Buckeye Chuck, also didn't see his shadow when he ventured out for awhile; so he and Phil agreed!
—Guest Judy Peterson

Always a Shadow on Groundhog Day?

Hi I live in Kenya where there is sunshine 365 days and no day like "groundhog day". Having a traditional day to do something fun and exciting would be nice, so for those in that area enjoy. Am happy to share the sun with you, check out www.kenya-golf-safaris.com.
—Guest sarah

Ground Hog Day Is TRADITION!

As my guest name implies - I am all about the tropics! Conversely, I LIVE in the northeast. I grew up with Punxsutawney Phil. He's a fine tradition. And the celebration is only 'stupid' if you choose to take it or yourself too seriously.
—Guest Parrothead

Groundhog Day Is Fun: Lighten Up!

Groundhog Day is just a fun thing and that's all. Something to give us a laugh, and it's been that way for 125 yrs. I live in PA and it draws an enormous crowd every year. Mr. James Borucki, below, should get a sense of humor. How sad to go through life with a sour, nasty attitude like the one he shows in his comments about an innocent, fun thing like Groundhog Day. Lighten up, mister and enjoy the silly things.
—Guest Scotty

Groundhog Day Signals New Life

I love Groundhog Day. My first daughter was born on that day 38 years ago tomorrow. It signals 'new life'.
—Guest Missprim

Groundhog Day Snowed Out?!

Groundhog will have a good time being seen at all in NE Oklahoma tomorrow! I have nearly 2 feet of snow in my back yard and its still coming down!
—Guest Barbara Stewart

Groundhog Day Is for the Winter-Weary

Well, I (as well as the rest of the staff at my landscaping company) am about tired of this winter. We all pray that Phil does the right thing on February 2.
—Guest Rich Regan

Ground Day Silly But Useful

Well, Groundhog day is a silly day….BUT.. and there is always a but…with the stress in our lives, in our country, and overseas we need to get silly every once in a while. Focusing on something else gives one a break. Plus, being a former teacher, it is a great time to seize the moment and teach children about the calendar, the animal itself, its environment etc. Have a silly day tomorrow….for…. “Only the shadow knows”.
—Guest MKR

Groundhog Day Only a Tradition

I never give any attention to The Groundhog. He really doesn't have anything to do with the weather, it's only a tradition without meaning. I'm enjoying the enormous amount of ROBINS in my crabapple and walnut trees! This day is Feb. 2nd, is spring on the way or does Mr. Groundhog have a say?
—Guest Mick

Groundhog Day Is Light-Hearted Fun

Groundhog Day is cool and helps one to catch the coming spirit if spring. Besides it's the day after my BD!! It brings people together for some laughter and it's a shame so many events of seasons past have been forgotten, because in general, the masses have lost their sense of humor. So -- Have fun tomorrow!!!! Kathie - Denver

Groundhog Day Brings Fun, Hope

Living in the snow belt area of northern Pennsylvania, I've been part of the Groundhog Day experience countless times. As a matter of fact, our school district used to crown their own King and Queen for the day, of which my son is still the reigning King. What it does for me personally, is bring some fun into a long, bleak, seemingly, never-ending winter and renewed hope that there really will be spring again; in 6 weeks or less. Punxsutawney, hosts a wonderful winter carnival atmosphere surrounding Phil and Feb. 2nd. (Also in July as well) If you have never been there, and like an adventure with some silly fun, do yourself a favor and try it once in your lifetime. Why not?
—Guest Kathleen

Groundhog Day Is Stupid


Groundhog Day Is Funny

I get a kick out of Groundhog Day. I don't attach much significance to it (I actually enjoy winter, so I'm in no hurry for it to end), but I do enjoy the good laugh I get when the news on TV shows the guys in the black suits holding Phil up to their ears and listening for his prognostication. Sure, the whole spectacle is silly, but there's something to be said for keeping odd-ball traditions like Groundhog Day alive. By the way, I also love the movie, which manages to be funny and philosophical at the same time.
—Guest MGrant

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