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Readers Respond: How Do You Grow Golden Chain Trees?

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From the article: Golden Chain Trees

Want to impress us? Do you have experience growing golden chain tree? Comparatively few people can make this claim, as this showy specimen is difficult to grow outside of its optimal climate. Relate to us any information you have about how to grow golden chain tree, such as:

  • What region do you live in? What's the climate like there?
  • What are the soil and light conditions like where you grow it?
  • Do you fertilize?
  • How much do you water?

If you've made mistakes in growing golden chain trees, please mention those, too, so that others may avoid them.

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Stagnant Tree

I planted mine as a bare-root plant some 12 months ago, and it's still the same as when it was planted. There's been no change whatsoever. It has one long stem that's 6 feet tall, there are buds along the whole stem -- but no movement.
—Guest tony camilleri

6-Year-Old Golden Chain Tree

I bought one from a garden shop 6 years ago and put it in the soil. I live on a bluff where the soil is acidic due to the number of spruce trees. It gets afternoon sun and we are in zone 6. This tree blooms every year and is now about 20 feet tall. I need to move it to an area where the boughs and seed pods don't fall into the pond. Anyone every transplant one successfully?
—Guest Peter

It's a Breeze

I have two in my back yard -- beautiful -- and all I did was put them in the ground. I ordered them several years ago after seeing them as big as oak trees growing in Nicaragua.

Where Not to Plant Golden Chains

I love this tree's beauty for the short time it blooms. But it sloughs and drops in some fashion practically all year. I inherited mine with my house -- and also, in consequence, inherited a lot of work around my driveway and patio. It is nice to walk through a bed of golden chain for a few days a year, but I would plant it somewhere where you can ignore the mess it makes.
—Guest lmcq

Golden Chain Easy to Grow

I have at least a 25 ft tree that shows off every year. I wish I had planted it in the front where every one could enjoy it. I live in zone 4, and all I ever did was dig a big hole, fill it with water, and let it be.
—Guest rogers

Only 1 Complaint in Growing Golden Chain

I love my tree. I live in Plymouth Mass., have sandy soil, don't feed it, and it gets most of its water by rain. My only complaint is it doesn't bloom long enough.
—Guest Pamela

Golden Chain Trees

I've had a golden chain tree on just about every property I've owned since the early 70's. Mine have been lovely and, while on the farm, bloomed most profusely. They do tend to display diseased leaves in some areas I've lived here in central PA, but overall this is a wonderful tree. I love them. Once I had one blow over in the wind and break off. It was half grown and I was upset, but replaced it. So they may need a bit of a prop in the early years. Presently mine has a Walmart stake just to keep it from towering in the wind. It is yet young.
—Guest Kay

Golden Chain Tree Response

Thanks so much, David! Golden chain tree is so beautiful!!!

Answer to Kathleen Norris

Kathleen, you can find a picture of golden chain tree here (copy the following into your browser's address box and hit Enter): http://landscaping.about.com/od/floweringtrees/ig/flowering-tree-pictures/Golden-Chain-Trees.htm
—Guest David Beaulieu


You have got my curiosity going. Does anyone have a picture of Golden Chain tree? Doesn't sound like it would survive SE CO.


I have one of these spectacular trees that has a girth of about 5 ft. I live in Newfoundland and heard that the Laburnums in this neck of the woods were brought here from Bermuda. It is indeed one of the highlights in my garden.
—Guest Jan

Strike Three!

I first saw the beautiful Golden Chain tree growing in Easton, Pa. I've also seen them growing extensively in a park in London (England). Here in Maryland, I've tried growing it three times, in two different locations. No success. I've reluctantly given up on it, for now at least. They are indeed too fussy, especially given their brief bloom time. Glad to see your article about them, though.
—Guest MFine

Golden Chain Tree in Texas

I am growing 2 at this time. The wildlife eat it as soon as I take chicken wire away. They would be 6' tall by now but instead are still 2'. I do not use fertilizer. I water every other day due to the heat wave central Texas is going through (106 heat index for a month). Nibbling wildlife could be rabbits, squirrels or the deer.
—Guest Steve


I had a 6' golden chain tree for 3 years, but then it was winter-killed.
—Guest George Sweet

The Non-Poisonous Type

We have similar looking flowers on Cassia fistula trees here in India. These look like ripe grapes from a distance and the plant is non-poisonous, rather possesses medicinal qualities.
—Guest Anu

Golden Chain Tree in Spokane, Washington

I first saw this tree at our Japanese Friendship Garden in Spokane, WA (zone 5). I planted one in our backyard with partial sun and shade. I do not fertilize. The tree has done well, estimate a height of 40-50 feet. Watering is from the sprinkler system, usually every day. The blossoms are beautiful and we enjoy the smooth bark on the tree all year long. The tree has not required any special treatment and has prospered each year. When blooming it is our most beautiful tree.
—Guest Beautiful Tree - Spokane, WA

A Real Looker!

I live on the Maine coast. Several of my neighbors here grow golden chain trees, like me. I guess our climate suits them just fine. Mine is about 11 feet tall. It grows in a sandy soil and gets full sun. I water it once a week. I fertilize my golden chain tree every year with compost.
—Guest Golden Boy

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How Do You Grow Golden Chain Trees?

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