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Readers Respond: What Ideas Do You Have for New Year's Resolutions?

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As gardeners, do you make New Year's resolutions about changes you're going to bring to the yard next spring? It could be a matter, e.g., of resolving to plant certain kinds of shrubs you've had your eye on forever. Or perhaps your New Year's resolution is to re-design a flower border. The nice thing about resolving to undertake improvements to the yard in spring -- while still in the dead of winter -- is that you don't even have to keep the resolutions to derive benefit from them. Just making them, in and of itself, helps beat the winter blues.

Share your New Year's resolutions here, in the company of fellow gardeners!

Resolution for New Year

I have 2 in-ground ponds that are needing an update. This is going to be an ongoing project for this spring and summer. I plan to add a waterfall and LOTS of plants. Each year I change the color of flowers. Last year's colors were blue and yellow. This year will just be the water plants I already have. There is plenty of room to add more flower gardens around the ponds. I already have a raised strawberry bed on the south side. I don't plan to disturb it. I also have a water purification project in the works using rainwater collected from my downspouts. This saves me from using city water with all its additives, the fish and the plants do not like chlorinated water. Hopefully, the savings on my water bill will help pay for some of the updates. With help from my 4 teenage granddaughters I hope to finish this update by the end of summer. We are avid campers, and spend most of the summer at the lake, so hopefully by the time school starts we will be finished. Wish me luck!!

Don't Go Crazy With Annuals

I've decided, after making a concerted effort over the past few years to plant more perennials, that I will not go crazy this year with annuals. When I step into that garden center, it is so hard to resist all the pretty flowers! But, I have been working diligently on planting perennials, which is my focus in the garden, for a few years now. I think it is finally paying off. We can enjoy the beauty of them all year long, with some careful planning. Annuals have their place in my yard, but this coming year, I'm going to go more towards my planted pots, and not so much in my flower beds for the use of annuals. My goal has been to cut down on the cost of flowers every Spring, as it can get quite pricey when you buy a boatload of annuals. I am also going to start more from seed indoors this year. I did that for the first time last year, and it was quite a money saver!
—Guest Lena, Master Gardener

Resolution for the New Year

My resolution is definitely going to be saving water. So far I have switched to synthetic grass and I cut my water bill so much! I love it so much I want to share this with everyone else. This landscaping website has more information on it. I also want to look after my flowers a little more. The rain has been killing my plants and soaking the soil to much. Looking for a tool to aerate (I think that's how you spell it) the soil. Happy New Year, Thanks everyone!
—Guest Meir Lhanie

Wishin' With Garden Catalogs

I love it when the garden catalogs roll in -- they are more of a wishbook than a Sears Roebuck or Montgomery Ward catalog ever thought of being! The problem is that I want at least one of each thing. So I make my list and prune it and prune it. . .*sigh*. The one resolution, or promise to myself this year is doing better at keeping up with the weeding.

Resolution for New Year: Remember Bulbs

My resolution for the new year is actually not something I can act on in spring. No, I'll have to wait till fall. Because I want to have more spring-flowering bulbs on my property. Problem is, you're supposed to plant them in fall, and I always forget to do so. Every winter, I get the idea in my head that I'd like more spring-flowering bulbs. When you're lying about the house in January with cabin fever, you think to yourself that, come spring, it sure would be nice to step outside one day and see tons of crocuses, daffodils, etc. pushing up through the ground. I'm resolved to remember right now, but next fall is so far off! I hope I can remember.
—Guest R. E. Solver

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