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Readers Respond: Best Trees to Plant?

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From the article: Top 10 Landscape Trees

Earlier, I asked you what your favorite small trees were. Now, let me ask a broader question: What are the best trees, overall (regardless of size) that you can plant in your yard? The best trees excel in function and/or form. For example, some of the best trees function as shade trees or as windbreaks. But others may be purely ornamental. Indeed, to warrant "best tree" status, showiness is a must for some of us, who may even demand multi-season beauty (e.g., spring flowers, fall berries). Other folks will be content to rely on the constancy of evergreens or to wait for the spectacle that the maples put on each fall.

Best Tree Is Saucer Magnolia

I like saucer magnolia tree. It has flowers in spring and gives shade thereafter.

Favorite Tree Is Chinese Pistache

One of my favorite trees is the Chinese Pistache. It is a little awkward when young, but give it a few years and its perfect rounded umbrella form will "knock your socks off." It is also extremely disease and insect resistant. The wood is very hard and resists wind and ice damage. It turns beautiful shades of red, orange, and yellow in the fall. And it is one of the first Texas Superstars. It is just an all-around great tree.
—Guest Tim

So unique!

I have many trees. My two corkscrew willows take my breath away especially when there's a breeze. The twisted branches make great displays.
—Guest Nana

Goldenshower Best Tree

Cassia fistula or goldenshower is my favorite tree. It is blooming at the end of spring and full of flowers when there are no leaves. It has medicinal use also.
—Guest Sharaf Malik

Yellow Flowering Specimens the Best Tree

Any yellow flowering tree, but I would like to see pictures of Caribbean trees.
—Guest cintra

Best Tree

Hemlock is my favorite as it is so clean, graceful or formal (clipped). Birds love it, so I have 100 on my small plot.
—Guest George

Best Trees

It is hard to pick just one tree, but the bur oak is one of my favorites because it is a great shade tree, has large leaves and acorns. The leaves are great for composting when they fall. The deer, squirrels and other animals enjoy the large acorns. However, I like all trees, other than 'trash' trees.
—Guest Gracie

Best Trees

I have a beautiful American Holly tree that provides berries, protection from weather and nesting sites for the birds. It is not a small tree. Then another favorite is my Hertiage Riverbirch. Beautiful peeling bark year round, great shape. Would work in a smaller yard.
—Guest Shelby24019

Love the Redwoods

I'm a real "tree freak", but I think my favorite is a redwood. True, they need a BIG yard/area, but they are so grand - both look and smell great, and will be around for a long time. They protect the environment and the critters too.
—Guest Debbie

Best Tree

I think our favorite tree is our Sunset maple.The pink leaves are just so cool, not another one around for miles.
—Guest Jerry

Princeton American ELM!

This tree is a quintessential American classic. The Princeton American Elm is highly Dutch-elm-disease-resistant and is being replanted all over the US in places once decimated by the Dutch elm disease. Hundreds of these elms now grace Pennsylvania Avenue and other areas in Washington D.C. It is outstanding in a back yard as well as curb-side. This elm covers all the bases: it is fast growing, forms a beautiful, symmetrical vase shape, provides perfect partial to full shade, will grow in just about any soil, features an amazing buttery yellow fall display, and much more. Long live the American Elm!
—Guest Seosamh

Flamboyans the Best Trees

I love flowers, and the FLAMBOYAN tree is one of the best, its canopy opens like an umbrella. During the summer months, the perfect place to escape the sun and the heat is under its canopy. During spring the leaves almost completely disappear and you only see this beautiful red-orange canopy of flowers.The only problem with this beautiful tree is that it needs a real big yard and must be put far from houses and any type of construction because the roots are very superficial and very strong and can even move a house from its place.
—Guest Edil

My Favorite Tree

The Autumn Flowering cherry tree is my favorite tree. The tree flowers in the spring and autumn and it has a beautiful canopy. When the flowers drop they float on air like it's snowing.

Best Trees

In my area I think everyone should plant a few conifers. They offer year-round beauty and a place for birds to hide from predators and build nests.

Dogwoods Take the Cake

I'm going to build off of what someone said above and say that this tree will fill just about every need. I'm afraid the blue spruce doesn't produce a bloom so I wouldn't include it. Dogwoods however, have attractive blooms, attractive foliage and branch structure, I think some varieties produce berries that attract birds, and although they're not coniferous, they still manage to hold some sort of appeal in the off-season. You can get a dogwood in almost any size that would suit your needs, and it doesn't make a mess. The only thing this tree needs is an edible fruit!
—Guest Rob

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