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Readers Respond: What Are the First Signs of Spring in Your Region?

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Every March and April, I make a promise to myself that I will not let any of the first signs of spring go by unnoticed. I eagerly seek out the first signs of spring both in my landscape and in the wild. It's sort of a mental checklist that I maintain, as a way of deriving maximum satisfaction from what I believe to be the most exciting time of the year. To me, it feels almost sacrilegious to miss out on viewing the first signs of spring.

How about you? What are the first signs of spring in your region (please state your region), whether plants or wildlife? And how closely do you monitor their arrival?

First Signs of Spring in Virginia

Always a robin -- today, 22 March 2012, I counted 13 robins on the golf course -- East Potomac Park Golf Course, Washington, D.C.
—Guest Double Boggie

First Plants of Spring, Philadelphia

Last spring, perchance I was in various places across the Philadelphia, PA area. With a camera, I captured the first plants of spring. Pictures of these plants are virtually unavailable even on the internet. I am the Director of a 501c3 organization in Philadelphia to start a 55 acre citizens based botanical garden in Philadelphia. -- Best, Faye Deckter, Historic City Gardens
—Guest fdeckter@juno.com

Uncertain in the Southwest

I live in the SW where we are having above normal temps. Don't know what will come up in the first sign of real spring this year. We've had many changes in temperatures.
—Guest marie

It's spring when...

the Buffalo Currant blooms with little yellow tubes and a strong clove fragrance, accompanied by the little Winter Aconites in matching hues, followed by any snow crocus in a sheltered spot.

Two False Starts and the Real Thing

First the birds are singing in the morning which is a good sign but not quite. Then the robins arrive but it can go either way. When the redwing blackbirds are out -- then it is spring.
—Guest Kittykatzmeow

Report From Ontario

I live in S.W. Ontario, Canada. I look for overly eager Canadians wearing shorts on 12 degree C. days! We take the first feeble spring rays of sunshine as the harbinger of full-blown spring! We're eager.
—Guest Raki

First Sign of Spring in South Carolina

The Bees are out and about, trees have been in full bloom, Temp in high 80's. We'll still have some cool evenings though until Easter.
—Guest no1nana62@hotmail.com

1st Signs of Spring

I love the first snowdrops. I love the birds singing in the morning. I love waking up with my children and it is light outside.

Peeking Through the Leaves

The timid plant stems poke through the bed of leaves and call for the sunshine. Slowly and daily they they gather their bravado and sing silently to the air, through signs of color, and say...Spring is here!
—Guest Eva

First Sign of Spring in Virginia

Looking for the osprey. Arrived this year on March 5.
—Guest Donald Bradley

First Signs of Spring, NZ

When it gets warmer and you don't have to stick a bunch of clothes on each day just to go outside. It's not dark when you wake up. It's going into autumn our side (New Zealand).

The First Signs of Spring

Here in Florida, there are two things that signal the coming of Spring. Those would be the Daytona 500 and Daytona Bike Week. After those two would be Springbreak.


Yesterday was beautiful sunny 70, and robins were hopping around the yard. Today is chilly, rainy; so it's typical springtime weather.

Melting of the Snow

Snow melting off the fields; almost time to get the fields ready for planting.
—Guest Prospector

Report From Texas

Blue Bonnets along side the road! The sign of the first pedal pushers!!
—Guest Lynn

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