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Readers Respond: What Are the Best Holiday Yard Decorations?

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From the article: How to Make a Kissing Ball

Holiday yard decorations take many forms. Some folks string up hordes of outside Christmas lights. Others prefer wreaths and other Christmas decorations using greenery. Still others dislike contrived holiday yard decorations altogether and consider evergreen shrubs "decoration" enough.

You don't have to decorate for any of the winter holidays, yourself (or even celebrate them at all) to be a connoisseur of holiday yard decorations, right? So what holiday yard decorations strike your fancy when you're out driving around this time of year? Or if you do spruce up the winter landscape at your house with holiday yard decorations, let us know which ones you prefer.

Winter Garden Decor

I like to have beautiful and colorful flowers decorating my winter garden mixed with lush green plants.
—Guest VijayaR

Best Holiday Yard Decorations

Any expression of holiday cheer is the "best." I enjoy seeing how people choose to show that they have the spirit of the season.
—Guest rich

Love Lights in Holiday Yard Decorations

I love lights...We put 2 life size angels, with white lights, at the bottom of our steps to greet guests and wrap our lamp post with a zillion purple lights and evergreens. Window boxes with greens and berries and garland with purple lights around the front door. I LOVE IT.
—Guest Cheryl Montana

Understated Holiday Yard Decorations

Simple, natural and elegant. But then, I am in the over 50 bracket.

Thanksgiving Wreath

I make a wreath at Thanksgiving using a straw wreath form u-pined with magnolia leaves. I mist it with antique gold spray paint and hang it on the front door. After Thanksgiving I wrap a wide ribbon of whatever my theme color for Christmas is around it. This year it is a dark red with gold edges; often it is white with gold edges. I tie the ribbon in a bow at about 4 or 5 o'clock.
—Guest Sidney

Wonderful Craft Idea

Great article on kissing balls (http://landscaping.about.com/od/winterlandscaping/ss/kissing_balls.htm) -- yours came out great! Thank you for posting the instructions. I can't wait to try making a kissing ball now.
—Guest Shari

Evoke Tradition With Yard Decorations

I like holiday yard decorations that evoke tradition. For example, we have an old sleigh in our yard that we fill with bundles of laurel and winterberry. Makes for a very tasteful display.
—Guest Old Duffer

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