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Readers Respond: What Would be the Ideal Landscape?

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From the article: Fantasy Landscaping
What does your mind conjure up when you hear the words "ideal landscape?" Let's assume for a moment that money is no object and that you could, therefore, have a landscape composed of anything you desired. Here's your chance to lend wings to your dreams and let your imagination soar. Under such conditions, what plants would you have in your landscape, and how would they be arranged? Also, what "hardscape" features would you use to complement the plants and form the backbone of your ideal landscape, such as walkways, patios, decks, fountains, gazebos and landscape bridges?

My Dream Landscape?

I have 35 acres with 5 of it in woods. I'd like to combine the simplicity of Japanese water gardens with small "pockets" of wild color such as a cottage garden, overgrown. All of this would wander through and around an "opened up" woods aka park-like with equestrian trails throughout the woods and the 35 acres. The landscape would include rocks, logs, small bridges, and include pieces of training equipment most horses trainers keep in an arena. They become part of the landscape, gates, wind curtains, chimes, all worked into a peaceful setting worth riding even you aren't training as all. Heavy on evergreens as backdrops, winter interest like red twigged dogwood and ornamental grasses. Spring kousa dogwoods and red bud trees, forsythia, crocus. Summer mimosa, willow, flowering vines. I like Stella d'Oro reblooming daylilies. Lots of lilies, orientals in the shades for fragrance. Scents in pockets, a honeysuckle bramble, arbor of musk roses, hidden by a pool. Come on lottery!! *smiles*

An Ideal Landscape

What a great topic! I find myself imagining landscapes often, though not very ideal. Not that my imagination isn't ideal, but that my "Dream" landscape isn't the same as my "Ideal" landscape. Here in sunny San Diego, Ca., I would have to say the ideal landscape would be close to the same as an economically-friendly landscape. We're talking about beautiful dry rock stream beds, drought tolerant plants, and elegant paver block paths and walls.
—Guest Jimmie Krueger

My ideal landscape

I picture narrow, winding paths between trees, shrubs, clumps of flowers, boulders, etc.; like a path through the woods. You can't see what's around each bend, until you have rounded it. I love mystery. It would be nice if on the path you come to an entrance to a small, hidden cave or grotto. I prefer natural looking to contrived. Like the way Asian gardens are designed.
—Guest Carolyn

The Dream is Monet's Flower Garden

A garden bursting from edge to edge with flowers for most of the year, plus a woodland garden section, with meandering paths through it all. So far I've got the rambling rose hedge...
—Guest JJ

Container Gardens in Ideal Landscape

Of course I would have lots and lots of elegant garden planters and spectacular garden urns out of the deck and patio and in various places in the garden, too.

Ideal Landscape Full of Surprises

My ideal landscape would have a surprise lurking around every corner. The property would be a vast area alternating between flat land and rolling hills. Planted with pockets of forest (I'm especially fond of beech trees), my ideal landscape would allow you to step out of a wooded area into a meadow, which would hold a glistening pond you could traverse on an arching bridge. A babbling brook would flow out of the pond and into another wooded area. Following the brook out into the next clearing, you could pick up a winding stone walkway (sort of a natural equivalent to the "Yellow Brick Road") that would dump you in front of a terraced hillside. The terraces would be planted with perennials, shrubs and vegetable plants. At the top of the hill would stand the house, bordered to the left and right with pergolas dripping with flowering and fruiting vines. In front of the house would stand a boulder, engraved with the words, "The Place to Be."

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