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Readers Respond: Leaf Blowing vs Leaf Raking

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From the article: How to Use Leaf Blower/Vacs

How do you prefer to remove the leaves from your lawn: by leaf blowing or leaf raking? I guess I'm somewhat old-fashioned in preferring good ol' leaf raking: it's quiet, enviro-friendly and cheap. That first quality is a biggie, for me: when I'm out leaf raking, I can hear those autumn leaves rustling. There's something really peaceful about that sound. Leaf blowing, by contrast, drowns out that more pleasing sound, replacing it with the sound of an engine.

But that's just me. How about you? Is leaf blowing or leaf raking your preferred method of leaf removal?

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Leaf Blowers Create Noise Pollution

I hate the noise they make. One of my neighbors has one and I think it is his favorite tool. He blows his leaves and other yard waste into the street and then blames the wind when his leaves get blown onto others' properties by Mother Nature. In my opinion leaf blowers are a great cause of noise pollution and the manufacturers of these tools should be forced by law to reduce the noise levels they produce.

Whichever Is Easiest

I like the mower/vacuum idea. It'll quickly break down and bag both the leaves and grass clippings in one swoop. Sorry if that method scares away all the nostalgic folks that can't stand noise. Do they also eschew the new noisy lawn mowers for the "good ole" push lawn mowers?
—Guest Lake Cty Dave

Exercise of Raking

I prefer raking. I like the exercise and prefer to let my husband do his part with the leaf blower.

Irresponsible and Inconsiderate

Leaf blowers are environmentally irresponsible and people who use them are inconsiderate to their neighbors (not to mention lazy).
—Guest Mary F.

Rake vs Blower

It is just not that simple. Newly seeded lawns require a different approach than a well-established one. Use a rake (preferably plastic) before the seed germinates, but a blower afterward. Rakes can pull young grass plants out of the ground. Using the mulching capability of a blower-vac makes efficient use of the leaves. Waiting for years for full-sized leaves to break down is just too optimistic.

Lawn Leaves

We know raking is best, but it is hard work (albeit good exercise). We have bought a Lawn Sweeper.We also have a blower, but it does not work on wet leaves.
—Guest Marilyn

Love to Rake

I thoroughly enjoy a good raking session. Some people call it a hobby or a job -- I call it a way of life.
—Guest Shane Burgo Burgess

Alternatives: Wind or Mulching Leaves

Bad back, can't rake and leaf blowers are too heavy. So I mulch. But this year I got really lucky, a big wind blew all day and all of the leaves went away. I don't know where and I don't care. Not a one of them came back either. YAY!!

Noise, Noise, Noise!

I know I have complained about my next door (cottage) neighbour. What he also does is blow all the leaves into the river. I don't know what the purpose of this is? But, we also have another cottage neighbour who had to BLOW all the leaves off his deck this fall (wouldn't a broom be better and quieter?). What is it with this noise thing? Do they not realize that every time they start up these things, all the critters head for the hills? -- Valerie
—Guest Valerie

Leaf Raking or Leaf Blowing

I have to agree with Matt about neighbours who blow their leaves on your lawn. I had just raked all the leaves from the driveway, etc. (and there were a lot of them) then the neighbours came from the city with their leaf blower and blew leaves back over where I had just raked. I have a bad back and thought I had done a good job...this was not called for. He had asked his wife if she thought it would be nice if he helped me out....what????
—Guest Valerie

Combination of the Two for Fun

I prefer raking over leaf blowing, and not because one is easier than the other! Both involve intense physical labor! However, I have learnt that a combination of both can be both fun and relaxing! For sidewalks, driveways and hard to clean places, it's always easier and more convenient to use the leaf blower. For the lawn and the flower beds, it's good old raking!
—Guest Ferrol Lobo

Till the Leaves Under

We always rake them right into our garden after we till in the fall. In the spring we till again adding the decomposed leaves right in and a fertilizer.
—Guest Diane

Leaf Blowing vs Leaf Raking

Hello there. I prefer raking. We live in a winterized cottage in Frankford, Ontario and enjoy the peace and quiet. I don't rake in the fall...I feel I rake enough in the spring and the leaves are good fertilizer for the grass. We have a neighbour who comes from the city and eventually bought a leaf blower. He just loves noise. He spends hours out there with his gear on. He looks like something from a space movie. Ha ha. As you say, raking gives you time to enjoy the outdoors. I rake a little, walk around to see what's new and rake a little more, etc. What fun! Although, at times I think trees should not have leaves! Ha ha.
—Guest Valerie Davis

Different Methods!

We pick them up in a bagger on the back of our riding mower but I also use an electric blower (not as much noise as a gas one). Our lawn is HUGE (over an acre) so raking is out of the question. I will rake in certain areas where the leaves are stuck to get them off the grass, though. We live in the mountains so we get tons of leaves and it's a battle for weeks on end getting them all up!
—Guest Donna

No Raking, No leaf Blowing

Raking always killed my back; leaf blowers are too heavy. So now I have a new lawn tractor and get every single leaf and can have the best looking lawn around. No sore back, no sore muscles, and I can even keep my cold beer in a built-in holder. Doesn't get any better than that.
—Guest Charlie White

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Leaf Blowing vs Leaf Raking

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