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Readers Respond: What Are Your Favorite Holiday Plants?

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From the article: Christmas Traditions

Certain plants immediately call to mind a holiday. Can you hear “rose" without thinking of Valentine's Day, or “pumpkin” without thinking of Halloween? I call these "holiday plants."

December is filled with such associations if you live in a northerly clime. Festooning the winter home with evergreens is a long-standing tradition. When everything else is dead or dormant, these evergreens serve to reassure us that spring will, eventually, return. Their contribution to our emotional well-being has earned them a spot as holiday plants, whether we celebrate Christmas, the winter solstice or something else.

What are your favorite holiday plants?

Christmas Cactus

Christmas Cacti is one of my favorite holiday plants! Hybridization over the past century has resulted in the introduction of many new varieties of Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter cactus. These plants are members of the Zygo-cactus family. Most of which are native to Central and South America. Although these plants are called cacti, they are truly different in all aspects from the common desert cactus with which we are all familiar. These plants, called epiphytes are found in the same environments as orchids. They are most often found in the forks of tree limbs where they grow in decayed leaves and other natural debris that accumulates there. Since Grandma's day, the Christmas cactus has been a favorite houseplant. It's not unusual for a single plant to be passed down from generation to generation because they're long-lived, rather easy plants to grow.


Poinsettias is an absolute must on the x-mas table, a red one! They are called "Julstjärna" in Swedish , "Joulutähti" in Finnish, they both mean "The Star of X-mas". Merry X-mas to everyone from Finland!
—Guest Suranna

Plenty of Pohutukawas

The New Zealand coastline is a blaze of red when the Pohutukawas are in bloom from November to January. Mostly known by its Maori name as mentioned, this large, long-living iconic species of Rata (Metrosideros excelsa) is at times known as the "New Zealand Christmas Tree".

Christmas Tree My Favorite Holiday Plant

I'd have to go with the Christmas tree. Without a Christmas tree, where would you put the gifts? I'm considering going with a live Christmas tree, so I can plant it outside later.
—Guest Saint Nick

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