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Readers Respond: Ways to Beat the Winter Blues?

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Dealing With the Winter Blues

Looking through the new seed catalogs and starting plants under the lights keeps me going in the winter.
—Guest Kathy Shuck

Coping With the Winter Blues

I go swimming and think about what my garden will look like in the summer.
—Guest don

Beating the Winter Blues

I find it very helpful to keep lights and music on. Even night lights in the darker rooms that you don't use regularly. Also keeping your lawn and flower beds neat and free from debris at this time of year when gardening is the last thing on your mind, helps to make the garden not seem so glum.
—Guest Miss Prim


They hold up to the mild cold here. Now if I could only figure out how to make them taste better. South Carolina.
—Guest Mike G

Sub Tropical Coast, South Africa

We're having a heat wave right now. I love gardening in the winter; no mosquitos and I keep warm doing the rough work before spring.

Clothes Make the Winter

I get dressed for the weather and go outside! Sometimes to work in the evergreens and winter perennials. I walk a few blocks, I go and just look at pansies in other gardens just to "feel' some color on these grey days of winter. It's the NOT being with nature that my spirit really misses a lot!!!!!! Or, sometimes I just wear my blue wig in the house with red lipstick when I can't go outside!

Enjoy Summer Harvest to Beat Winter Blue

In the dead of winter I go into the deep freezer and take out the various types of tomatoes and herbs that we harvested from our bounty to make sauces. Really gives me encouragement to start planning for the new season and reminds me of all the rewards of gardening.
—Guest Pee Dee

Winter Blues

Physically sit down and write your top 100 blessings. I can find many in my granddaughters alone. Their laughter and smiles always warm my heart.
—Guest plant gal

Beating the Winter Blues

I live for the seed catalogs. They inspire me to plan my vegetable garden for the summer. Also, since I am doing a major landscape renovation, I am drawing up blue prints (on my own!) and selecting the hardscape that I want to start with.

Breath of Fresh Air

I retired 2 years ago and converted my 40 foot carpentry shop into a 40 foot greenhouse. Everyday I go out at 5:30 am.and open up to fresh air and beautiful plants. As of 2/11/10 I have over 650 plants ready to go to my garden in the yard. Begonias(60), blackeyed susans (50) 12 at 7.5 feet already. I also have 500 impatiens 5 to a pot for our 150 baskets we will be putting out this year. I keep it 70 degrees in there (gas heat) with large grow lights, and it feels good. I'll take my coffee out and sometimes just sit and visit my babies while listening to my waterfall. I have now attained a no stress life. Thanks to my PLANTS!!! For the women out there this was my wife's idea. Anne said you look tired, why not retire? And that's why you should listen to your wife and best friend.Thanks for listening.

Gardener Keeping Sane

Seed catalogs, garden planning, inside work, sunny winter planting of bulbs, now starting seeds for subsequent re-planting.
—Guest Don McElroy

Not Much Need to Beat the Winter Blues

We are in S. C. and it's quite mild here. So we just enjoy ourselves.
—Guest Beverly

Winter Blues

I do a lot of winter-sowing in milk jugs to keep me occupied. I also go to the library to checkout books about improving my soil. Jim Zone 5 MI

Full Spectrum Lights Beat Winter Blues

I use full spectrum lights in my house in the winter. They are effective in areas where one reads or sits where the light is close to the top of the head.

Beat the Winter Blues With Learning

Winter? Heck, time was I absolutely could not wait for it to pass. But now I use the time to read up on the plants that I grow (or want to grow). I do not have that kind of time to spend on reading during the good parts of the year. So I guess you could say I have come to believe winter has its purpose. I am better informed about the plants I grow now.
—Guest Old Man Spring

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